While carrying the world’s burden on our tiny shoulders, we tend to forget ourselves. We get busy in the rat race of bread winning and soon we realize that it never ends.

While we get grilled everyday with our jobs, the idea of taking control of our bodies and doing exercise or yoga seems far-fetched. Our bodies and minds start giving us signs of something being wrong but we rarely pay attention to it.

This article brings you 10 signs why you should join yoga retreat while paying attention to your body:

  1. “I’m just too tired” is what all you say all the time!

If you are always tired, firstly you should have a health check up done to know whether it is because of some disorder or deficiency. Secondly, you should start working on it.

You can start by joining a yoga retreat in Nepal. It is a wonderful way to reboot your body, mind and soul.

  1. Anxiety kicks in easily

If you start feeling anxious even on petty issues or situations then it is high time you start working on your body and mind. That is when yoga retreat can be a ‘hero’ in your life and save you from the ‘villain’ anxiety.

  1. You feel lost in life

You don’t know where you are headed towards and you cannot see a way to change it. You are finding that purpose in life but do not know how to start and where to look. If this is the situation in your life then consider going on a yoga retreat to discover yourself.

  1. You cannot fall asleep

The time when we can just switch off for a while is during our sleep and if it is snatched away then it becomes difficult to go through a day productively. If you are developing insomnia, then it is another sign yoga retreat is calling you.     

  1. You get angry or sad on the drop of a hat

We tend not to focus on our emotions but it is another way that our body and mind tells about us. If you get angry, irritable or sad very easily then it is time you pack your bags to go on a yoga retreat.

  1. You are stressed out 

With meeting deadlines, dropping children off to school, making meals, paying bills and other zillion chores taking a toll on you then a yoga retreat is your calling. You should take some time off from your mundane routine and de stress yourself.

  1. Emotional imbalance 

There have been a lot of talks, seminars and social events on the importance of mental and emotional well being. If you seem physically well but your emotions are on a roller coaster then you should pay heed to it and join a yoga retreat.

  1. Your body aches and pains

Most of us are involved in sedentary work where we cannot detach ourselves from the office chair and desk which often leads to body aches, neck pain and back aches. If popping a pill whenever you have aches and pains has become a habit then you need to rethink and enroll yourself in a yoga retreat as soon as possible.

  1. Digital detox 

It has become quite difficult for us to move our eyes away from the screens and we cannot even think of a scenario if somebody takes our phones away even for a day. It would make us restless. But if you want to move your eyes away from the screens for a while and have a digital detox then you should think seriously about a yoga retreat.  

  1. You just feel like joining

If you have done yoga in the past and want to start over again and do not know how to then yoga retreat is the best option. If you are a yoga enthusiast then you can go for yoga teacher training in Nepal. It will be a treat for the body, mind and soul to indulge in yoga from where you can emerge as a better and evolved person.

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