Bikaner is said to be the gateway of the Thar Desert but it is also the gateway of delicious food varieties. Yes, Bikaner food varieties are the must-try specials whenever we visit Bikaner. From spicy food to sweet, everything will available in this city.

Bikaner is well-known for spices cultivation. That’s why here food varieties are a little bit spicy and hot. If anyone wants to taste the spicy Rajasthani food means, Bikaner is the place has to visit via luxury train – Palace on Wheels.

Here top 5 must-try food specials of Bikaner were listed. So you can try them if you visit Bikaner.

  1. Bikaneri Bhujia:

Bikaneri Bhujia is the first food item every local will recommend here. It is a snack item and this one is the first item prepared in Bikaner. Behind this Bhujia there is a great history. Bhujia will be prepared with moth beans and gram flour and several types of spices also include in this snack item. Overall, Bikaner Bhujia is a must-try hot item in Bikaner without a miss. To taste the best Bhujia visit Chhotu Motu Joshi Sweet shop.

Bikaner Cuisine - Sweets & Snacks

  1. Gatte Ki Sabzi:

Gatte Ki Sabzi is a fantastic vegetarian curry which will prepare with gram flour dumplings. For vegetarians, Gatte Ki Sabzi is the best preferable choice in Bikaner with a spicy touch. This ingredient includes most of all available spices in Bikaner. So who loves to taste the spicy and hot curry, Gatte Ki Sabzi is the best choice. With the combination of rice or roti, this curry tastes very fine and delicious. At Laxmi Niwas Palace is the best food point to try Gatte Ki Sabzi.

Gatte Ki Sabzi

  1. Ghevar:

Ghevar is a traditional sweet variety of Bikaner. During festival or occasions or welcoming parties, this sweet will be served in Bikaner. No festival in Bikaner will not be celebrated without preparing this sweet. Such a famous sweet it is. This sweet will be prepared with all purpose flour and then it will be dipped into the sugar syrup. The best combination to try this sweet is with dollops of Rabdi. It will be really awesome. Bhikharam Chandmal Bhujiwala is an ideal place to taste the best Ghevar.


  1. Rajasthani Thali:

For foodies, Rajasthani Thali is the best-enough food variety to try. Rajasthani Thali is like a complete food meal served with all famous specials of Bikaner. In a big plate, different specials of Bikaner will be served on the table before the person. Rice, rotis, sweet varieties, different types of dal specials, vegetable curries, fried specials, etc includes in the Rajasthani Thali. Up to your interest, you can enjoy all these varieties. Heeralal Restaurant serves the best Rajasthani Thali in Bikaner.

Rajasthani Thali

  1. Rasgulla:

In Bikaner, Rasgulla is the famous sweet item. This sweet mostly serves in the times of festivals. Everyone in Bikaner takes Rasgulla as the after meal-delicacy. The round shaped balls made of milk and dipped in sugar syrup tempts everyone to have them. Once if anyone tastes it they will never forget its deliciousness and juicy sweet. In Bikaner, Chappan Bhog offers the best Rasgulla varieties.


Plan your trip to Bikaner and make the Palace on Wheels booking online. Tourists who visit Bikaner can enjoy all this variety of food items. It’s sure Bikaner is one of the best places in Rajasthan to enjoy the fine dry delicacies. But vegetable cuisines are hard to find in Bikaner.

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