One time a year, Muslims of the all cultural group, color, social position, and values gather together in Makkah and praising Allah together in Kaaba. It is a procedural that is considered to support the words of Islamic brotherhood by presenting that no one is prior in the eyes of Allah due to hiscolor, social position, and values. The Hajj teaches Muslims about the real importance of life on earth, and life after death, by undressing away all signs of social position, wealth, and superiority.

In the Hajj all are reallythe same. The pilgrims dress simple white garments called Ihram. Throughout the Hajj the Pilgrims complete actions of worship and they repeat their wisdom of purpose in all God’s creatures. Makkah is the holiest place for all Muslims. It is so blessed that no non-Muslim is permitted to enter Makkah. For the believers of Religion Islam, the Hajj is the fifth and last pillar of Islam. It happens in the month of Zill_Hajj which is the last month of the Islamic calendar. It is the trip that every well-balanced mature Muslim must perform at least one time in their lives if they have enough money to perform this and are physically able.

History of Hajj:

Thousands of years ago, the valley of Makkah was a waterless and unoccupied place. Muslims have faith in the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was instructed to take his wife, Hajira and their child Ismail (AS) to Arabia from Palestine to guard them. Allah said the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) to leave them there, and he did, with some deliveries of food and water. However, the food speedily ran out and within some days Hajira and Ismail (AS) were suffering from hunger and thirst. In her worry, Hajira ran up and down two hills called Safa and Marwa trying to see if she could discover any aid in the distance. Finally, she prayed to Allah for rescue. Ismail (AS)hit his foot on the earth and this produced a spring of water to flow forth from the earth. Hajira and Ismail (AS) were protected.

The Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was expressed by Allah to shape a memorial devoted to him. Ibrahim (AS) and Ismail (AS) constructed a small stone structure “the Kaaba or Cube” which was to be the meeting place for all who wanted to build up their trust in Allah.After many eras, Makkahdevelopedsuccessful city appreciations to its unfailing water font“the well of ZamZam”.The shrine of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS) was recycled to place idols. After countless years, Allah said to the last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that he should reestablish the Kaaba for the worship of Allah. In the year 628, the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) set out on a trip with 1400 of his admirers. In Islam, this was the first pilgrimage and would re-establish the religious backgrounds of the Prophet Ibrahim (AS).

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