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Dubai Desert Safari is a place which is the most famous place in Dubai. Have you tried to find the reason behind its popularity? If you don’t know let me tell you the reasons behind its popularity.

Whenever we think about deserts the view which comes in our mind is barren land with no people in your surroundings and no greenery. You think that it is a very boring place and why one should visit it for vacations? So let me clear your confusions.

It is not true that a desert is a boring place or what. There are a number of activities that can be performed in the desert and if you are talking about Desert Safari so boring and desert safari are two different things. Desert Safari Dubai has a lot of activities to offer which makes automatically makes it a popular place with an increased number of tourist attractions. Let’s talk about the activities that can be done there-

First best activity is Quad Biking

Get a chance to ride on the speediest ride on the vast sand dunes on a speed which is appropriate for you also you can manage it. It is a kind of bike having four wheels. Firstly you are guided to use it then you can go for it. It is once in a lifetime experience.

Second best activity can be Dune Bashing

Desert Safari is known for its Red sand dunes. Experience the highs and lows of the desert while doing ridge bashing.

Third best activity can be on the Friendliest of creatures

Camels are the very friendly creatures and getting a chance to ride on them in a Desert is a kind of experience everyone dreams of. You get a chance to see the deserts with a wider angle while sitting on a camel.

Sunsets in a Desert is the best part of your Desert Safari Trip

Experience the beauty of sunsets in a more aesthetically pleasing way by seeing it in a Desert. When the redness of sun and the redness of sand dunes collides it gives a view which can relax and calm your soul. One really needs to see this kind of relaxing view at least once in their whole life.

Night camp at Desert safari is an activity which acts like a cherry on the cake-

This activity multiplies the pleasure you get in your Desert Safari trip. It is a kind of activity in which a whole setup is done in the camps and small lanterns are lit up in it. There are a lot of activities that are performed in a night camp like- Tanoura dance is a kind of Sufi dance which is performed there which just sooth you. The second one is Henna Art- Select the kind of design you want for yourself and then decorate your hands with Henna which is a painless process.

So these were the reasons behind desert safari’s popularity.

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