IRCTC Tatkal Booking

Here we have the online ticket system for Indian railways which offers us a special feature for allowing the users to book the tickets of the train before the day of the department of the train journey. Under the program of Indian Tatkal tickets, which offers the booking reservation of train on a very short time period, tickets can be booked by the users registered by IRCTC by paying the premium of the normal price of the day before the journey.

The Tatkal ticket of the train via IRCTC booking services opens around at 10:00 AM daily to make the air-conditioned bookings and 11:00 AM for non AC reservation as per the portal of bookings via IRCTC.

IRCTC Registration

The user can log in to the portal of IRCTC booking for booking the Tatkal tickets. Thus, if it is not registered with the portal before, then the user needs to fulfill all the complete registration process and log in via details of her or his accounts.

After the login, the user is directed to the page of a book your ticket where user can search for the available trains by filling the details like the destination and source stations, with its date of traveling and journey class. The booking of the ticket is done after which you can see the train running status as well in it.

Then the next web page shows the list of available trains for the chosen route. The user can access the data about the timings and path of the train by just clicking its name of the train which also shows the live train status. Then a further step requires the user to show the booking class for the chosen train. The Quota option is on the right side where the user has to choose Tatkal in this section.

For booking the Tatkal ticket in your chosen train, the user is needed to open the option of Book Now. In the page of reservation, the user needs to confirm all its details like name of the train, name of the station, date, and class which are shown on the left side of the web page for continue to next step.

Check Live Train Status

After the completion of this step, you need to enter the details of yours like names, birth date, age and preference or choice of food for every passenger. After confirming the details, the user can proceed it just by clicking the continue to booking option. And here any of the details can be modified by choosing the replan boking option.

Thus this way you can pay it and make a successful booking and can see the live train status anytime after the starting of its journey.

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