Bali and Phuket – both places are perfect for the holidays. Both are popular for sun, sand, and their collections of beaches. Both places have a good variety of hotels that suit every kind of budget. If you want to visit only one, it is very difficult to choose. This is because both places are equally beautiful. Bali and Phuket have unique traditions; if anyone is looking for culture, then you will love these places. Each island has its quality, own culture, and traditional food. We will help you to choose the best place between Bali and Phuket.

  • Beaches:

Bali has a great variety of beaches. You will find un-crowded black sand coasts. You can have a massage, and you can rent parasol-shaded beach loungers of Bali’s famous beaches. Phuket’s beaches are superb, Patong, Kata, and Karon are the most popular beaches and they are considered as the party beaches. There are no beach chairs and sun loungers on Phuket’s beaches, due to the recent clearing by local authorities.

  • Hotels:

In Bali, there are so many choices of hotels. There are approximately 2400 hotels from city guesthouse to five-star hotels and resorts. So, every kind of people can stay here and enjoy the holidays. Phuket has fewer hotels compares to Bali. And its hotels are mostly nearby beaches. If you are looking for the hotel then here are some latest Cleartrip coupons for you. Don’t forget to use these coupons.

  • Food:

Balinese food has so much variety! It has its special flavors and ingredients. At this place roast pork, crispy fried duck and many types of chili dips are very famous. Stall foods to posh, upmarket and fine dining restaurants are also available here. Phuket food has an international appeal. Most of the foodies can enjoy the real taste of Thailand.

  • Things To Do:

The nightlife of Bali is more sophisticated than Thailand because it brings in big name DJs and international artists for concerts. And for those people who are thinking about the budget then Thailand’s nightlife is good for them. Because they serve alcohol in buckets and bar are everywhere at this place.

  • Scenery and Landscapes:

Bali is one of the most beautiful places, and it has stunning coastal views. You can enjoy its beautiful sunsets along its western coasts, as well as from its elevated hills. Phuket has various viewpoints that are very impressive. If you are looking for coastal panoramas, then Phuket is the best place.

  • Travel Style:

Both places have so many romantic resorts and restaurants and they have spa services also. If you are planning for your honeymoon, then both places are amazing.  And the best ways to decide for holidaying are your preference and budget. Both places have different rainy seasons Bali should be visited between April and September and Thailand should be visited between November and April.

  • Shopping:

For those who are looking for traditional things, Bali has a range of local arts and crafts. Many skilled artists are here in Bali. You can do bargaining as well. This is the best place for cheap items from Rolex watches to Ray-Ban sunglasses. And in Phuket, there are many shopping malls and local markets also. You can easily find Thai silk also.

Both Bali and Phuket are one of the best destinations. Both places are unique in many ways. Well, that is all we have from our side. What are your plans for your holidays?

We say that you should visit both of them. Don’t worry over the budget and make your bookings with the Cleartrip Offers. After all, life is meant for traveling, right??

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