The Beauty of Haleakala National Park on Maui, Hawaii

Maui is renowned for welcoming around 2.5 million visitors to its shores every year – and the reason for this popularity is not very hard to see. where is will the tourist (and often his or her family) find volcanic beaches, migrating whale species, sacred paths, lush valleys and sunsets that will simply take your breath away. But even on the ‘Valley Isle’, where each vista is more beautiful than the last, there are special places that are so magical that they beg for lengthy exploration.

One of these is Haleakala National Park. Heading towards the Southeast coast of the island on will arrive at the park – which has justifiably earned its name as the ‘House of the Sun’.

The park is set on the remains of a dormant volcano and such is its beauty that the Demigod Maui was said to have lassoed the sun so that he could slow its path across the heavens in order to enjoy its beauty for just that little while longer. For visitors, the experience of watching the sun rise over this magnificent part of the island is an experience that cannot be missed. Many wake up in the early hours of the morning to head for the park’s visitors center which provides the best vantage point to watch the majestic spectacle of the sunrise. The sky and the clouds are painted with a palette of every changing hues – a sight that will live in the memories of those who visit for a lifetime.

But there also remains the spectacle of the setting of the sun – which is just as spectacular – and then there is the gradual appearance of the stars hanging over this magical place.

However, there is more to experience at the Park. The varied landscapes stretch over 30,000 acres – and within the confines of this area, visitors will be exposed to the natural beauty that includes the harshness of rock and sand and magnificent rock formations near the summit of the extinct volcano. Arriving at the coastal parts of the Park reveals even more majesty. This is the Kipahulu section of Haleakala National Park – and here the cascading waterfalls and pristine clear streams of the Park invite one to take a refreshing dip in one of the most pristine environments on Maui. To experience other parts of the park we recommend hitting some of the camping sites. There are plenty of options for exploring and one of our favorites is renting a Maui camper vehicle.  Kipahulu and Hosmer Grove both have great camping options.

For those who wish to enjoy a more physical exploration of the Park’s wonders, the myriad of trails is an absolute delight. For those who want an expert to explain the rich history of the area and its cultural significance to native Hawaiian’s, guided hiking experiences are also available.

However, it is possible to explore while leaving your hiking stick at the resort. There are horse riding trails that are also available.

During these excursions, it is possible to experience some of Hawaii’s most endangered species (both flora and fauna) – a rare treat on an island chain where native species are under increasing threat.

If you want to experience the true majesty of Maui a trip to Haleakala National Park is something that is essential.

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