Visiting London is an absolute pleasure for the soul, isn’t it?

A city with ostensibly countless attractions, London, is one of the most popular cities amongst the tourists. Apparently, more than 20 million people visited this UK city last year. So, it won’t come out as a surprise if you are planning to enjoy some family time over there.

Obviously, you want to wave your hand at the royal family of Buckingham Palace. Certainly, you are going to hop on a bus tour and click photos at the Coca-cola London Eye. Sure, you will go to the famous Baker Street and try to solve some cases.


Before all that, there are a few things one must know before visiting London.

Here are five of those:


Money is, without a doubt, a necessity to survive in any city, let alone London.

The first thing to know before visiting London is it accepts only the British Pound(£). So, no matter how many Dollars or Dinars or Rupees you have, first get it converted to the British Pound.

Secondly, don’t just pay for the service, pay the server as well. Whether in a restaurant or taxi, tipping 10-15% for good service is customary.


Talking about tipping at restaurants, the food there is a specialty. London, or the UK in general, has some exquisite cuisines. Gordon Ramsay yelling at people, worldwide, is proof of that.

But, before enjoying those Fish ‘n’ chips or having the famous English breakfast, make sure you get to eat them. Depending on the time of the year, most of the restaurants are busy. Therefore, reserving tables beforehand is a wise choice. Onrez will help you out there. With Onrez, you will get ratings & feedbacks of restaurants from locals, and also will be able to pre-book your tables.


Though taxis & private vehicles are available in London, taking a means of public transport will be faster & better. Buses & Trains in London are amazing. The prices are fair & commuting is super fast.

You might be able to get in public transport with cash in your side of the world, but London is different. There’s no cash system. Oyster card is the way to go about it.

In short, if it’s your first time in London, you should prefer Public Transport like the Tube. And, to get on it, Oyster card is a necessity.

The Lingo:

There is no denying that the English Language is originated from Britain itself and others established afterwards. But, there are a few words you would get confused with if you are not born in the UK.

Words like:

  • Loo = Bathroom
  • Crisps = Chips
  • Ground floor = First floor
  • Cashpoint = ATM
  • Chemist = Pharmacist = Drug store
  • Petrol = Gas
  • Queue = Line
  • Cheers = Thanks

And many more.


Planning your journey in London is absolutely necessary. You probably have a limited time there (if you are on vacation), so using it the best must be your goal.

To do so, use the City Mapper app for planning your trip, and you are good to go.


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