ID Verification for travellers

Identity theft is the bane of all major industries that are servicing clients, regardless of their location on a geographical map. Either there is identity fraud related to personal information of a customer or there is stolen financial information used for availing services. But out of all the industries suffering from the hand of identity theft, the traveling industry for sure has the least chance of authenticating the true identity of a user.

Not only the consumers of the traveling industry never belong to the same geographical region but it is also hard enough to verify the identity of travelers through identity documents that do not belong to the hosting business. This is where ID verification for travelers can come truly handy as it can not only verify the identity of incoming guests but safeguard the traveling industry from frauds ranging in millions.

ID Verification for travellers.

Fraudulent Check Outs

Most of the hoteling industry require their customers to provide credit card information before checking in but not all of them charge their customers until they decide to check out of their hotel rooms. Not only false or forged financial cards are used to get a reservation at hotels but even in case of authentic credit cards, stolen identity documents are used to make the reservation look more reliable. An ID Verification solution such as Shufti Pro can come truly handy for hoteling industry as it can not only verify the identity of a guest through identity documents issued by over 220+ countries but can also verify credit cards or debit cards used for getting a reservation.

Airline Ticketing System

The figures of identity fraud in the traveling industry and financial lose attached with it is definatly huge, amounting to over USD 850+ million. But Airline industry has to endure major chunk of those financial losses as their financial loss amounts to about USD 650+ million. Just like any business attached with traveling industry, airlines are at a loss because of their advanced booking feature and cut-throat competition. Stolen identities, fake credit cards and other forms of identity fraud are constantly used to book air travel through airlines. An Identity verification solution integrated with the online ticketing system of airlines can boost the fortunes of air travel industry as it will reduce the chances of identity thieves to book a flight for themselves through fake identity documents or stolen financial information.

ID Verification services are the most impressive and cost-effective method for traveling industry to fight identity fraud and digital scams. Many KYC service providers have launched customized solutions for traveling industry that are not only vital for the business interests of the traveling industry but for travelers as well. Their stolen identity can also be secured from exploitation by smart verification services offered by these KYC solutions. Shufti Pro is one solution that offers AI based ID verification for travelers and traveling industry in over 220 countries with language support for more than 150 languages.

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