If you love the sea and the sky then yachting will be the most enjoyable activity for you. And if you are in Dubai, then nothing can satisfy you more than going out on a sailing trip. Therefore, whenever you get the leisure time, you would love to rent a yacht in Dubai and go out for yachting. If you are a frequent sailor you might be well aware of the yachting rules, but if you are a beginner then you should be informed about all the tips and tricks to make your yachting experience the most memorable one.

How to Start as a Beginner?

Train Yourself

If this is the first time you are going out on a yachting trip, then the first thing that you should do is choose a lighter, smaller and more responsive yacht so that you can easily understand the direction of the yacht and it can be easily handled. ASA 101 Basic Keelboat Sailing Certification courses are recommended to learn sailing keelboats of sizes up to 22 feet. These boats are bigger and sturdier than small dinghies, but enough small in size to help you feel the power of water and wind flowing towards your vessel.

Pick a Right Day 

You cannot go out sailing every day. The weather condition is the most important factor to plan sailing trips. Weather, wind, and tides all should be favourable to make sailing the most enjoyable and risk-free. The weather conditions also depend on the geographical position of the sailing destination. As a rule, water should be quite and wind should be lighter as compared to very strong winds.

Moreover, there should be enough daylight and the possibility of 0% precipitation.

Wear Right Cloths

Be aware that when you are out on the water, the weather is always cooler and windier than what you find on the shores. So, pick the right clothes to dress properly to feel comfortable while sailing.

Stay Away from the Boom

Boom is a huge and heavy bar like thing at the bottom of the mainsail. This part of the boat yachts swings over the boat freely at whichever place or time you tack or gybe it. You will never want it to hit and hurt you badly. However, it is not easy to stay away from it unless you are very careful about stay safe from it hitting you.

So, whenever you hear the sound of tacking or jibing, be sure that you are down in the cockpit, away from the boom. Sailors who are experienced in sailing know how to manage the movement of the boom by covering themselves while planning for tacking and jibing. With experience, presence of mind and confidence you can handle the movement of booms safely.

Controlling the Yacht

Always hire an ASA trainer, who can train you in sailing and help you learn all the terms and also the rule and tricks of sailing. It is always better to take the guidance of trained ASA instructors and learn the basics before you plan to take a solo trip.

Learn the Yachting Terms 

When you go out sailing, it is crucial that you learn the basic terms of sailing to understand the parts and movements of your yacht properly. The difference between ‘tack’ and ‘gybe’, ‘port’ and ‘starboard’, etc. When you are back on the dock after learning sailing on the water, you can continue increasing your nautical vocabulary. Also, learn the name of every single part of the yacht and pleasure boats.


As you begin to train yourself for sailing, you are also beginning to set yourself for an exceptional sailing/yachting time. To become a high ocean explorer, it is recommended that you take ASA cruising courses. Find out the right training school near you to fulfil your sailing dreams. So, next time when you are in Dubai and have leisure time in hand, you can just rent a yacht in Dubai and go out on a fun time sailing trips, all by yourself.


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