Credit card and debit card both are issued by different banks they have various uses in our daily life both cards are used by individuals themselves and different companies credit card is a debt instrument while debit card allows you withdraw money from your personal account when u need it both the card have their own importance in our daily life and our beneficial to us one may use credit card when he’s out of money and pay it to the organization or bank later. Many credit cards and debit cards have same features too they just differentiate in bank logo given at back from each other. Debit card cannot be used like credit card when goes out of balance. in below we discuss some major difference between debit and credit card

Although credit card and debit card look similar but they distinguish from each other in features some of the differences among them are as under.


Debit card can be used in place of credit card while using credit card it requires signature of account holder.


Debit card is typically offered with your joining account while credit card is offered with joining and annual fees.


Debit card requires a pin code for transactions while using credit card interest is paid if balance is not paid in 30 days.


Using debit card it takes money directly from your bank account while using credit card you borrow money from a lending institution.


You can access the all money available in your account using debit card while using credit card a limit of borrowing money set by the specific lending institute.


You can withdraw more than limit set of what is in your account using debit card but you may be charged later while using credit card many charge for things such as late payment.


Debit cards do not provide better security in case of faulty transactions while credit cards provide better security in case of faulty transactions.


Penalty is charged for late payment using credit card while using debit card there no such issue.


Debit card is good for daily use while credit card is good for booking hotels and taking it with yourself while travelling far.


Debit card is not safe in case of lost or stolen while credit card provides good security as it requires signature of person while paying bill.


Using debit card no rewards are given usually while using credit cards different reward are given such as when you make a purchase online or at any mall.



Both debit and credit card have different validity period depending upon the banks or lending institutions.


From all this we came to know that both credit card and debit card have their own importance in our daily life one may use debit card for daily use while he can keep credit card with himself while travelling far away from home so that it can be used in hour of need.



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