How to Select and Decide on the Right Universal Roof Rack for Your Vehicle

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Roof racks are essential accessories that you need whenever you are planning on a journey. Making the right choice when buying one for your vehicle depends on a number of factors. It is essential to note down what your needs and preferences are before you go for buying a roof rack for your vehicle.

This post is meant to outline the necessary features and requirements you need to consider when buying a customizable roof rack that fits your vehicle. The goal is to ensure that what you buy offers you the service you require or to carry the tools and items as per your needs. Quality is also a mandatory aspect to consider.

Here are the things you should consider before you buy that rack you have wanted for your vehicle.

1. The Material of the Roof Rack

Various materials play a part when designing and producing roof racks. Among the most used are Steel and Aluminium. The two materials are distinct in features and prices. You can choose the material as per your preference, your needs, and your budget.

A universal roof rack made from stainless steel is stronger when compared to that of Aluminium. They give you sturdy storage for your bags and accessories you will need on your journey. Being a durable material, Steel can serve you for a long period of time without breaking. However, the material is heavy, and you may spend more on gas for it.

On the other hand, Aluminium racks are great for people who tend to pack for short trips. You will enjoy a smooth ride as the material is almost weightless when compared to Steel. Aluminum is also a rust-proof material, and you can rely on it for durability.

2. The Type of Loads You Will Carry

How to Select and Decide on the Right Universal Roof Rack for Your Vehicle

Roof racks are designed to fit different tasks. Universal roof racks are essential for carrying almost everything but can be limited when the designers want to consider your specific needs. You can ask the manufacturers any questions regarding their roof racks to know if they can carry your loads.

For instance, some items require certifications from roof rack manufacturers to confirm if your rack is suitable for carrying your loads. For instance, a canoe requires a roof rack that is long enough to sustain the length of the canoe. It should also have bars far apart on which it can balance the long weight.

If you are going to carry the same type or size of loads, fixed racks are going to be your choice. Adjustable bars on a roof rack are necessary if you carry different types of weight every time. Your choice gives you the convenience and efficiency you need when carrying any type of load.

3. Permanent and Removable Racks

How to Select and Decide on the Right Universal Roof Rack for Your Vehicle

The method you use to mount roof racks speaks a lot when you are choosing the right roof rack for your car. It will also determine your budget and satisfaction you get from using these gadgets. To choose the correct roof rack, you need to consider the mounting options you have.

Removable roof racks are ideal for people who want an easy way to mount and unmount the racks from the roofs of their cars. They also allow you to adjust the mounting so that it fits with the current needs. If you have more than one car, you will most likely want a removable rack so that every time you go out, you use it on the car you are using.

Permanent roof racks, on the other hand, offer a fixed mount. When you are mounting, you may need to drill the roof of your vehicle to get the mounting position. The drilling offers a fixed position where your rack can stay for as long as it is functional. This type of mounting makes your roof rack sturdy for all your carriages. You cannot move such roof racks or swap your vehicles.

4. Factory Rack Bars on Your Vehicle

How to Select and Decide on the Right Universal Roof Rack for Your Vehicle

Are you planning to buy a roof rack for your new car? Then you may find it easier to make choices than you thought. Cars with factory side rails or roof rack mount points are easier to mount. Your choices will depend on the size of your car. When the side rails are already present on your car, you need to add the adjustable crossbars to make your universal roof rack ready.

Cars which do not have any of the roof rack features from the factory may need more work. However, they give you flexibility with your choices on the right roof rack you may need. Professional roof rack suppliers will help you to mount the rack on your vehicle without requiring any extra materials.

5. The Design of the Bars

How to Select and Decide on the Right Universal Roof Rack for Your Vehicle

The roof rack bars come in various shapes. The choice is yours. You can go for square, oval-shaped, or flat bars. Each of the designs offers a distinct value to the end user. For instance, the square-shaped bars are ideal when you want to carry heavy loads. They offer a strong surface for your goods to rest on when in transit. But be sure to stay within the weight limits your car manufacturer advises.

The round bars are easier to mount. You can use them on many types of mounting points with ease, but they tend to make noise due to the air vibrations as you are driving. You can, however, prevent the noise by installing a wind deflector. If you do not intend to carry heavy loads, go for the flat blade-like bars.


Your choice of the ideal universal roof rack depends on your choices. If your budget is not the problem, you can get a roof rack fixed on each of your vehicles. You will not need to spend time removing the racks and fixing on another vehicle before you set off. But if you are dealing with the bike parts , you will not require roof racks as much as the one who wants to move skiing gear using the roof rack.


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