How to Start a Travel Blog and Monetize

If you love to travel, why not start a travel blog and monetize it? It’s very easy to build a website and it only takes planning and the use of an online tool. Here is a plan on how you can start a travel blog and monetize it immediately.

How to plan a travel blog

When it comes to creating a travel blog, you will need careful planning and preparation first. You must plan out the following so that you can monetize your blog thereafter easily and efficiently.

Travel blog niche

There are hundreds of thousands of blogs on travel. Find a niche for your travel site. Instead of making it too general, have a specific target audience or target topics. Here are some examples of travel niches:

Luxury travel blog

Budget travel blog

Backpacking blog

Southeast Asia Backpacking blog

Eurotrip blog

South America living travel blog

Africa blog

[Specific country here] blog

Hostel blog

Luxury hotel travel guide

Travel by bike blog


Travel Blog Name

Make sure you travel blog’s name is catchy and memorable. There are hundreds of travel blogs and travel sites out there so make sure the name of your travel blog is unique as well.

Domain URL

Your domain is your travel blog’s address if people want to find you online. Your domain should be the same name as your travel blog name. If the domain URL is already taken by another site, you can consider a different domain URL and travel blog name. You can also make adjustments to your domain URL and put a dash in case the initial domain name you planned is already  taken.

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Blog content (Blog post titles and categories)

Your blog should have different categories according to different needs. Categories can be reviews, travel itineraries, places to go, tourist spots, sponsored articles, travel tools, and others.

Blog post titles are topics which are specific to what you want to write about. For example, if your niche is in backpacking, here are some topics titles to write about:

What to pack for backpacking in Southeast Asia

How to travel Vietnam by motorcycle

Top 5 hostels in Siargao Island, Philippines

Backpacking tips and tricks

How to get discounts in hostels

How to create a travel blog

Now that you have planned out what your travel blog will be and how the content will look like, you can now create a travel blog. Mainly, when it comes to building a website, you will need the following: a domain name, a website host, a website design template, and tools and features to upgrade your site.

Before, you will have to go to different websites in order to acquire these and put them all together to form your website. This can get complicated, especially if you’re new with website creation and don’t know much about programming or web designing at all. However, this is not the case today. You can build your own travel blog using just one platform and that is through an online tool which is a website builder.

A website builder is a good online service which lets you get all the essentials of making a blog. You can immediately build a website in minutes using a website builder such as This eliminates the need for hiring website developers and website designers which usually cost hundreds of dollars.

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How to monetize a travel blog

Monetizing a website or a blog is a way to generate revenue from the blog or earn passive income. Before you do that, you must develop your travel blog first and have the following metrics: a high domain authority, credible travel site, and high visitor traffic. You can check these metrics through your website builder’s analytics section or through various online tools.

Once you got those metrics down and you think they are high enough to make you travel blog credible, you can now start monetizing your travel blog.

Here are some ways you can monetize a travel blog:

  • Advertising – This could be through the banner ads show on your website. You can partner up with Google Adsense for this.
  • Sponsorships- Sponsorships are paid posts and ads by companies and brands. They will contact you and make an offer if they want their product or service to sponsored on your blog.
  • Affiliate marketing- This is when you partner with a brand or company and they give you a unique link to their product. If someone buys their product or books their service through the unique link they gave you, you will earn a commission.
  • Services- Services could be travel writing, digital marketing services, banner ads placed on your blog.
  • Infoproducts- Infoproducts are online courses or e-books you created yourself. You can teach your audience how to create a travel blog, how to monetize their blog, how to get free hotel stays, travel hacks, etc. if they pay a small fee
  • Paid reviews – Some brands and companies will pay you to write a review about their product, service, hotel, etc.
  • Selling physical products (merch)- If you have a cult following, you can sell your own merch under your own brand name.
  • Community subscriptions- These are subscriptions exclusive only to those who are willing to pay for it. It can be exclusive content to a members only group or exclusive discounts and freebies.
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