Not To Do These 9 Things While On Trekking

Trekking is an ineffable experience and has been prevalent in the adventure culture since the 19th century. It was the time when people started summiting the crests for the thrill, to discover new places, to explore cultures, to get closer to nature or to find solace. Trekking is an addiction where you discover yourself taking back a lot of memories and undefined moments.

Travel to the Mecca for Trekkers, Trekking in Nepal is what we suggest. There is a lot more to this amazing activity; trekking is a rejuvenating and revitalizing, only if done rightly.

But some people make certain mistakes during trekking and end up having a bad experience.

So, before we list down not to do things while trekking, it is advised to be physically fit while you opt for this amazing adventure and always plan before commencing the journey.

Running a Competition

Always stay clear from running competitions while on the trails. Always climb at our own pace instead of carrying on with the idea of beating everyone and reaching first to the destination. Each individual is different, so is their stamina, so maintain a comfortable space and keep unnecessary tiredness at bay.

Pushing Too Hard

Another golden rule to follow- you must not push yourself too hard in the mountains. Mountains are beautiful, relish the environ instead of challenging it. The treks trails like Annapurna base camp trekking and Everest base camp trekking are difficult to climb upon, so instead of proving a point listen to your body and save yourself from Acute Mountain Sickness.

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Resting Too Much

Don’t push yourself too hard is a bit of an ideal advice, but don’t take it the other way. It is necessary to maintain a steady pace to complete your day’s hike with ease. It keeps the body warm and helps while you gain more altitude. If you rest too much, your body keeps cooling down and then it requires an amount of effort to regain that warmth and also drains you out.

Carrying Excess Weight

Trekking pursuits suggest to always carrying your baggage while climbing the mountains, but they also advised to not ignore your body’s demand. While trekking carrying heavy baggage can take a toll on your back’s health, so choose to hire a porter to carry it for you. Over time you build strength and experience and can carry your luggage.

Not Drinking Enough Water

We often think cold weather doesn’t cause dehydration, as the climate up there makes you feel less thirsty. But that’s not true. Therefore, it is very much important to take enough fluid during your trek to prevent sickness due to dehydration. Trekkers need to have at least 5-6 liters of water in a day, drink half a liter as you wake up and keep sipping throughout the day.

Risking Out with Weather

Trekking in Nepal is fun, but being trapped in a storm at a higher altitude is the worst thing that can happen on your trekking adventure. Bad weather means a haul to the trek or risk to life, so it is essential to plan the trip accordingly. If it changes during the trek or before commencing it, always listen to your guide about the weather pattern.

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Being Careless of Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is must and would be a lifesaver in case of Helicopter Evacuation, especially if you’re going for Annapurna base camp trekking or Everest base camp trekking. It is a measure to take before you book for a trekking trip but an important one to add on the list, which can save money, life, and cover all your medical expenses.

Not Keeping the Nature Clean

One of the biggest things to not to do while on trekking anywhere across the globe is to litter around. There is no municipality department on the Himalayas, and moreover, this is a major concern that is hampering the environment. Protect Mother Nature to continue enjoying its benefits, so keep the trash with yourself, and contribute in preserving these pristine trek trails.

Wear the Right Gears

Carrying too much is a complete no, so always keep the stuff that you must be required for your trek. Wear the right clothes, shoes, and gears as suggested, and many of the amateurs or beginner forget the point. The atmosphere up there is completely different, so make a list and carry the right things.

Make this wonderful experience more pleasant following these measures, and have a Happy Trekking!

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