Things To Know Before You For Apply UK Visa From India

The UK has already started their annual campaign called BEAT the peak to motivate the Indian visitors to maximize the post-dated offer of UK Visas and Immigration enabling the visitors to apply for a visa there months in advance from the date of their travel. It also allows the Indian visitors planning to travel to the UK to start the visa procedures based on their travel date. For instance, if you plan to visit in August, you can start the preparation in the month of June and maintain the six-month validity whenever they need to travel.


The campaign was launched under the British High Commissioner to India and is the initial plan among a range of activities led by the British High Commission to involve with the tourist market of India and encourage them to visit the United Kingdom, and apply for their visa early and travel effortlessly. It can be seen that the UK continues to make further improvements for people who want to apply for a UK visa from India. When compared with the UK visa application centers in India, there are more in this country now and further improvements can be noted in the process of application with online forms and advanced technology to make the experience better, user-friendly, and smoother.


Taking the first step


You might find yourself in a pool of chaos once you visit the visa application center in your respective city. For instance, the security guards may stop you at the entrance and check the appointment letter before they allow you to enter their premises. You are going to be barred from carrying a host of electronic devices such as laptop and pen drives. However, the locker facilities inside can make your task less arduous as you can stuff your electronic belongings such as ad headphones and pen drives. Along with this, you are going to need a host of documents for completing the application procedure. There are two procedures while applying for a UK visa.

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  • Applying through a travel company
  • Filling the online application yourself


If you decide to complete the procedure yourself, you have to create your ID and provide the information necessary while filling the form online. The process is simple and methodical and you will understand everything easily when you visit the site. However, the only hurdle you may face is related to the documents you need to submit.  A majority of people are averse to these efforts and do not have the patience to read through the documents to be submitted. Here are a few things you have to submit for the visa while traveling to the UK. The first thing is to know the category of visa you want to apply.


  • Visa for tourism and visiting friends or family.
  • Transit visa you need while going to some other location and stopping at the UK airport.
  • Visiting the UK for work, studies, or business.
  • Getting married and entering into a civil partnership.
  • Joining with the spouse and family for a long stay.
  • Staying with the children studying in UK schools.
  • Visiting the country for official, government, or diplomatic business.
  • Obtaining private medical treatment.


For the tourist visa, which is the commonest to be obtained by a majority of the Indian citizens, the following are the documents you must submit.


  • The current and original passport along with other valid identification for travel.
  • Account statements or payslips for the last six months.
  • Evidence showing that you can support yourself in the course of your visit and includes the bank documents.
  • The passport must be valid for the entire trip of the UK.
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Other documents you need


According to the visa documents, you must provide and taken from the site you must note the following.


  1. You must provide a certified translation of those documents that are not in Welsh or English.
  2. The details mentioning your place of stay in the UK such as a hotel or a relative’s house, so mention the details carefully.
  3. The dates on which you are planning to travel to the UK.
  4. Your present home address and your duration of stay in the same address.
  5. The approximate cost of the trip.
  6. The dates of birth and the names of your parents. However, if you do not know their birth dates, it can be managed.
  7. Do not forget to mention how much you earn in a year either through the IT returns or pay slips whether you are in service or self-employed.
  8. Details of the travel history during the last ten years.
  9. The name of your spouse, the passport number and the date of birth.
  10. The address and telephone number of your employer.
  11. Details mentioning that you have no criminal, civil, or immigration offenses from the past.
  12. The name and address of the sponsors or the people paying for your trip to the United Kingdom.
  13. You must submit all the documents that you need from your sponsor or friend in the UK.
  14. Letter of invitation in your name through the mail.
  15. The bank statements of the last six months of your sponsor or if a friend is paying for the trip.
  16. The names, addresses, and the passport numbers of family persons or friends staying in the United Kingdom.
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The list of the documents mentioned above is going to help you to stay ahead of the rest while applying for a visa. However, when you need a UK business visa from India, you have to carry another set of documents as well to get the confirmation faster.


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