5 Ways to tie-up a Sarong Beach Dress

Beachwear can be pretty skimpy on its own and while it’s perfect for as long as you’re in the water, you might want to feel a bit more covered once you hit the shore or if you’re going to an evening party afterwards. You can turn your stylish bikini into a whole new outfit by pairing it with a statement sarong. A Sarong is a length of patterned or brightly coloured fabric that can be worn as a variety of skirts, dresses etc. Sarongs are not only cheap and light and breezy to wear but are also highly versatile and flexible in terms of how you can style the same piece in a new way each time you wear it, turning it into a whole new outfit.

Here are 5 extremely easy and simple ways to wear a sarong.


The side knot short skirt is the most common way of wearing a sarong. Best done with a smaller sarong, you can do this extremely sexy look on the beach with your bikini or lace tops for women. Here are the top notch ideas by which you can do wonders with your sarongs and look different everytime you wear it.If you have a full-length sarong simply fold it in half before following the directions.

  • Fold the sarong material in half diagonally to get a triangular shape.
  • Wrap the sarong around your lower waist, a little below your belly button.
  • Gather two ends of the triangle along your waist and tie a secure knot.
  • Slide the knot to the side of your hips and fluff out the ends of the fabric and you’re done!
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If you’re uncomfortable wearing the sarong as a skirt as it keeps riding up and makes feel nasty and irritating, consider wearing it as a stylish jumpsuit. Surprised? Don’t be! It’s extremely simple to tie and looks and feels great. Just follow these directions

  • Hold the sarong vertically in front of your body and wrap it around your chest, under your arms and tie a secure double knot of the tips on your back. You might want to ask someone for assistance as this might be difficult to do on your own. You can also tie the knot on your chest and then slide it to your back but this might make the dress loose and prone to slipping.
  • Gather the rest of the fabric in front of your body and pull it out loosely behind you from between your legs. This gives you a proper butterfly trouser look to make you more stylish.
  • Now take the bottom corners of the fabric you pulled behind you and tie the tips around your waist in the front with another secure double knot and you’re done!


5 Ways to tie-up a Sarong Beach Dress  

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This is an easy to drape casual dress sarong style. If you prefer form-fitting styles, this might become your favourite way to tie a sarong. Just follow these easy directions.

  • Hold the sarong horizontally behind your body like a towel.
  • Bring the two ends to the front of your body from under your arms and wrap it around your chest. Here’s how you can look sensuous with this simple wrap-up garment!
  • Gather the extra fabric where the tips meet in the middle and twist them around each other or tie them into a huge bow. The excess fabric can cascade down the dress or you can twist it into ropes and tuck it in the two sides and you’re done!
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This style is perfect for an elegant beach dress that’s the right balance of revealing and covered up.  Brazilians are known for their style so this dress will help you look like one with a different tie-up, you can wear your sarong in another beautiful way and yet feel more comfortable in it. Not only is it highly effortless but it also looks highly flattering and feminine. Here’s how to tie it.

  • Hold the sarong vertically in front of your body. Gather the upper two corners of the fabric and tie it loosely at the nape of your neck letting the material drape over your chest.
  • Now gather some material from the middle of the sarong and bring it up to the lower waist level and wrap it around the body. It takes less time and effort to tie up sarong this way but believe me it gives you a super stylish look.
  • Gather the two edges around your waist and tie a secure double knot at your side, letting the rest of the fabric cascade down with a slit on the side and you’re done!


This style is perfect for an evening party. If you’re a bit more fashion forward or have been hitting the extreme iron pro gym and want to show off your body on a beach party at night you can go ahead with this bold tie-up, this style is made for you.It helps you to look unique and amazing in the crowd.  Here’s how to tie it!

  • Hold the sarong horizontally behind your body and bring the front two corners to the front from under your arms
  • Gather the upper corners in the front where both ends meet in the middle and twist the two ends around each other twice securely.
  • Now tie the two ends around your neck in a secure double knot to form a halter and fluff out the rest of the material to get a steamy front open look.
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5 Ways to tie-up a Sarong Beach Dress woman

So, these were few of many sarong tying styles. Now that you know how to do these easy and beautiful styles, keep trying them out!

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