A Perfect Guide for your Trekking Trip to Himachal Pradesh!

Himachal Pradesh is full of natural wonders and heavenly beauty. Every nook and corner is explored-worthy and amazing! The state has become a paradise for the trekkers and adventure enthusiasts in general. Dharamshala, Shimla, Manali, Kullu, Bir, Kareri and Kasol are some of the most notable destinations for trekking. The following post offers helpful information for planning a perfect Himalayan Trekking trip. So, grab some fantastic deals and plan an exciting trip without breaking your budget!

How to Choose Places to visit?

Every single hill and mountain in the state is good enough for trekking and exploring. However, to make your trip amazing, you should choose the best destinations. If you are a beginner and this is your first trekking trip, you can visit Manali and Shimla. The terrain is comparatively better than the other places. You can buy trekking equipment in the local markets.

If you have done trekking earlier, you can explore the rough terrain of Kasol and Bir. Nature is untarnished in these regions. Rasol is yet another trekking destination that you can visit. You can find almost all the necessities in the markets.

For the ones that have done trekking many times before, the upper reaches of Himachal Pradesh are the best. Lahaul, Spiti, Kinnaur, Theog, Pin Valley National Park, and Kaza are some of the best places for trekking. The natural beauty of these places is unrivaled. You will be able to witness the natural wonders at their best and get that adrenaline pumped up! These areas are teeming with thick jungles and wildlife. Hence, always try to travel in a group or stay in some reliable place. Tents might not be your choice of accommodation as the bears, wild boars and leopards are in plenty!

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However, you should be mindful of the weather and its extremes while planning your trip. Don’t overestimate yourself as your main aim is to enjoy and not break some record! Choose the trekking destination as per your capability. Now, let us move ahead!

The next thing that you should pay close attention to is your backpack. Always remember that every location has its requirements. You should check the local weather and pack accordingly.

Must-Have BackPacks

  1. Navigation Equipment

The compass has always been the best companion of every adventurer. The digital compass and maps are the best and the latest navigation equipment. However, you have to ensure that their battery is always powered-up. So, carrying a power bank is also important. You can find many universal power bank models for catering to all the digital devices.

Always carry a local trekker’s map of the region that you are visiting. Most of the trekking locations have connectivity issues because of their location. All these essentials will come handy in such situations.

  1. Torch and Fire Items

You must carry a torch on your trekking trip. It will prove useful in many situations. Extra batteries and match-boxes are the other essentials.

  1. Water and Healthy Snacks

It is easy to get dehydrated while trekking. You will sweat and lose energy as well. Hence, carry a water bottle and some healthy snacks such as dry fruits. Dry fruits and nuts are the perfect storehouses of energy. You can snack on them at any time of the day. Protein bars, chocolates, and energy bars are some other eatables to pack.

  1. Miscellaneous

Pack a hand sanitizer, toilet paper roll, first aid kit, and Insect Repellent. Pack some regular medicines and instant noodles.

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Planning the Bookings and Travelling

Finally, planning your stay and travelling is also essential. You must keep sufficient time to complete the trekking route and plan the ticket bookings accordingly. If your trekking route requires three days to be covered, you should book the tickets for the next day. Otherwise, you might miss the bus and need to re-book the tickets.

Always check for the Travelguru offers and other such options that can help you save money. Also, never skip reading the reviews of the previous visitors while booking accommodation. You can also check the visitor’s photos to get a better picture of the services and facilities. The trekking destinations in the far reaches of the state might not have lavish accommodation options. You might have to pay more for a regular accommodation as well. So, plan your stay according to your budget. There are many places in Himachal Pradesh where non-vegetarian food is the main staple. You should carry some packed food such as bread, noodles, and snacks, etc. while trekking in these areas.

Well, that is all from our side. So, which place will you choose?

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