Destinations of India One Should Visit During Monsoon

Rains does magic in India in true sense. Though many travellers don’t consider it as a great time to travel India, however there is a different aura in enjoying vacations during rainy season. As you start reading our list of destinations in India during monsoon season and the perks of being there only during monsoons, you will certainly change your idea and thoughts about glorious rainy season. Below we have mentioned the places where you can have fun during your holiday for sightseeing, relaxing and adventure with little raindrops, lights wind and “Mitti ki Khushboo”. The season of relief, bliss and beauty, savor one holiday in India of such pleasures.

Find Ultimate Destinations in India during Monsoon

Biking in Leh Ladakh:

Take on a fascinating but equally very tough journey to Ladakh on bike. The entire adventure Ladakh bike tour is completely a paradise for true bikers, especially during monsoons. As it is here you get from the absurdity of life and even reflect within. Adore the beauty of nature as you get the undisturbed and calm views of snow-covered mountains, gleaming turquoise lake, jaw-dropping landscapes and cascading streams.

Munnar, Kerala:

Munnar is a place that is truly an amazing place in the state of Kerala. This hill station is the must visit destination of India during the months of May, June and July. Rain always adds romance and magic to the hills of the Western Ghats, a tea-growing region filled in rich-green tea plantations. The cloud covers the mountains, waterfalls present beautiful sights and the whole ambiance is quite relaxing. The best thing of all regarding monsoon vacation is, the Munnar is completely crowd-free so that you can relax as much as you can and hotels over there offer great discounts this season. Commence on trekking trails, gape at natural bliss, walk via tea gardens and guzzle the delicious delicacies of Kerala. Your decision to enjoy a holiday in Munnar will undoubtedly a memorable experience.

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munnar in monsoon

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand:

The Valley of Flowers in Uttarakhand is the most amazing and beautiful place on Earth. Monsoon is the perfect time to enjoy this destination, as because the flowers in the mountain of all shades bloom just after the rain, so it looks astonishing. Where you will get to enjoy the beauty of 500 varieties of beautiful flowers in their fullest bloom? This valley is a part and parcel of the national park where you can easily be there after a short and easy trek. For adventurous trekking, the Valley of Flowers is the best destination possible. To enjoy the beauty of the mountain, to relax and to enjoy the amazing view of endless flowers, Uttarakhand is the best destination for a vacation during monsoon.

valley of flowers


Mahabaleshwar is one of the most romantic places of India during monsoon, enveloped in the artistry of the Sahyadri range, a part and parcel of the Western Ghats. What makes it breathtaking, you may ask us, right? So, shower rains, foggy roads, greenery around and clouds covering the mountain, makes it an amazing place to visit.

Mount Abu, Rajasthan:

Mount Abu is a dense oasis and the one and only hill station in the state of desserts, Rajasthan. It invites tourists to the greenery of the Aravalis, Mount Abu is a blessing in true sense. It is the best monsoon destinations of India. Calm yourself, relax yourself therapeutic remedy with a vacation here. The white-marbled Dilwara temples looks super amazed when washed in the rains. Guru Shikhar is the highest point in Mount Abu has ample interesting temples and some best views to offer.

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Calmed in the lap of greenery of the Sahyadri Mountains of Western Ghats, Lonavala is the best hill station in India. And when the rain comes, the bliss is truly mesmerized. Clouds come down the earth which consorts with the soft music of rain and that sudden appearance of the rainbow. That will blow your mind.


Lonavala in monsoon

There are many more destinations that lie in the heart of India that makes this country an amazing and thriller country to visit during monsoon. However, booking an organized tour that covers all theses sightseeing expeditions at a competitive price is of paramount importance.

That is why we bring you to your customizable holiday packages throughout India that lets you enjoy the true essence of the destinations and all of its offerings. Leave it to our travel experts to help you experience the mesmerizing scenes, dense jungles, adventurous sports, and lip-smacking food while not burning the smallest a hole in your pocket.

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