Drive on a motorway in Ireland safely with the following tips

Driving is fun especially when you drive on a motorway in Ireland amidst the lush green sides. Driving can be a nuisance if a driver doesn’t know an appropriate way to drive on the fast-flowing motorway. If you want to stay away from such nuisance and enjoy a safe motorway driving experience then here is a guide to drive on a motorway in Ireland

  • Follow the speed rules: The upper limit of cars for driving on a motorway is mostly 120km/h and so for driving a caravan, bus, truck, trailer, etc. is a little lower than that. You should be aware of your vehicle’s speed limit on the motorway and drive with-in the speed limit given. This is essential for your safety and the safety of other travelers on the motorway. Similar to the following upper-speed limit, it is necessary to follow the minimum speed (which is usually 50km/h) as long as the way is clear. If the driver of a vehicle cannot maintain the minimum speed then it is recommended not to enter the motorway as such slow driven vehicles will pose a hindrance to other fast-moving vehicles. 
  • Lane driving: Driving in your lane is important to leave space for the overtaking vehicles or making room for the slow-moving heavy vehicles or merging vehicles from ramps. It is preferred that you drive in your left-most lane as long as it is empty, when needed you can shift to the second lane from left or third lane from left (while overtaking an obstruction or a slower moving vehicle or giving space to a merging vehicle) but gradually shift to the left-most lane should be made as the rightmost lane is meant to be an overtaking lane only and not driving lane.
  • Documentation: Carry along all the necessary documents while driving on a motorway like a vehicle registration document, driver’s license, car insurance documents, etc.
  • Safety measures: Undoubtedly, fasten your seat belts as soon as you set to drive. The other passengers in the vehicle should also be up for it. Check your mirrors regularly to have an idea of the picture behind your car and use indicators appropriately while changing lanes. Follow other safety measures and traffic rules religiously on the motorway keeping in mind that it is a matter of life and death for you, your family and other people on-road.
  • Anticipation: An astute anticipation is expected from the driver. A justifiable distance from cars in front and behind is appreciable. An attentive reading of road markings will help the driver to manage his speed and lane according to what is coming on the way. Having good control over the accelerator and the break helps you to manage speed even if a farmer dives in the middle of the road with his cattle. Furthermore, giving the right indication at the right time to the drivers behind greatly depends on the quick wit of the driver.
  • Don’ts: Talking on a mobile phone and driving after drinking are strict don’ts of driving on a motorway. You should be aware that the legal limit of drinking for fully licensed drivers is 50milligrams of alcohol per 100ml of blood. However, if that can also be avoided on a motorway for sake of safety then the driver deserves applause. 
  • Decent exit from the motorway: When you want to exit the motorway, use proper indication well in advance and while taking the slip road stand in the queue and wait for your turn to avoid creating a jam. 
  • Car insurance: Whether you are driving on a motorway, national road, urban road or any standard two-way road, a car insurance Ireland is essential. If you are driving a rental car, car insurance is equally important. Usually, the car owners who are renting their cars are prompt in buying car insurance Ireland. Still, the driver must check for car insurance before hiring any car. Car insurance in Ireland covers the risks and losses attached to the car while driving on-road and also covers the driver, the passengers and the owner of the car. Thus, no car owner shall miss buying car insurance in Ireland.
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