Eating the Right Foods for Exercise

Nutrition is a vital aspect of your fitness. Therefore, a well-balanced diet is what you need if you want to have the nutrients and calories to fuel your daily activities including exercise. However, eating foods that provide your body with the energy you need for your regular exercise is not just about picking fruit over a doughnut. 

You have to find the right kind of food for the right time of your day. Here are a few things that you need to know about eating the right foods for regular exercise. 

Kick start your day the right way

Based on recent research studies, starting your day with breakfast on a regular basis has been found to lower your risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and obesity. When you start your day with a simple yet well-balanced breakfast, you are able to replenish blood sugar level needed by the body to power vital functions like brain activity and muscle movement.

Breakfast is especially important when you have a regular exercise routine. If you skip breakfast, you might end up feeling lethargic or lightheaded as you work out.

In addition, you have to pick the right type of breakfast. Most people depend on carbs to kick-start their morning. A doughnut or bagel on its own is not good enough and will not keep you sated for as long as you would like. 

On the other hand, a protein or fiber-rich meal would be an ideal way to start your morning. Both protein and fiber are known to keep hunger at bay for a long time. Plus, you get the energy you need for a long workout. 

Find the right Carbs

Low carb fad diets have given carbohydrates, in general, a poor rap. However, you should know that carbs are your body’s main source of energy. That means, close to 65 percent of your calories should be from carbs, particularly if you exercise regularly. Eating the right type of carbs is crucial. Most people get their energy needs from simple carbs such as processed foods or sweets. 

Rather, try to focus on complex carbs found in whole grains, vegetables, beans, and fruits. Whole grains offer a lot of stay power compared to processed grain since they digest at a slower pace.  

Eat healthy fats

Unsaturated fats are healthy, help the body fight inflammation and they provide you with plenty of energy. Although fat is one of the main sources of energy for aerobic activities, there is plenty in your body to support all your workout regimes. 

However, finding healthy and unsaturated fat will provide you with calories and important fatty acids to help you keep going. Healthy choices that can provide your body with unsaturated fat include seeds, nuts, avocado, olive oil. 

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Fuel up before your workout

Before you head out to your workout, be sure to fuel up properly so that you can find the correct balance between protein and carbs. Try snacks that combine proteins and carbs if you are looking to feel energized rather than taking junk food with lots of fat and simple sugars. In fact, your workout bag should be stocked with berries, oranges, bananas, nut butter and nuts. 

Do not cut too many calories

If losing weight is your optimal goal, you might be tempted into cutting on your calorie. While it seems like a good idea, you might find yourself going too far. 

A proper weight lose meal should not leave you feeling ill or tired. This would be an indication that your body is not getting enough calories to meet your workout needs. 

Based on recent research, your diet should have between 1200 and 1500 calories each day if you are a woman and are trying to cut down on your weight. Men, on the other hand, need between 1500 and 1800 calories in order to shed weight successfully. 

Final Word

To exercise successfully, you need to provide your body with all the energy it needs. The best way to do that is to eat the right kind of foods. The right balance is achieved when you incorporate proteins, carbs and other essential nutrients in your diet. 



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