Explore Napali Coast Boat Tours

If you are making plans to visit Napali Coast in the near future, one thing which may be hot on your list of things to do is to plan a boat tour. Indeed, the stunning landscape in this part of Hawaii deserves it to be seen from the wonderful vantage point of a boat on the water. Of course, you may have already realized that there are plenty of options available when it comes to boat tours on Napali Coast. Let’s look at a few of those choices now.

Kauai Boat Tours

You will find plenty of options available at Kauai Boat Tours so whether you are looking for something relaxing or an adrenaline-filled day out, you should be able to book a trip that will tick all your boxes. The 5-hour Napali Snorkel Sail will allow you to have a little of both worlds, or you could choose the Sunset Sail for a real taste of what it means to unwind and relax in a stunning landscape.

The Napali Dinner Sunset Trail is also a great choice and will certainly provide you with many photos to keep that special memory alive. On the other hand, if you love spending plenty of time in the water, rather than on it, you should check out the Snorkel and Scuba Tour or the Raft Tour. Whatever trip you opt for, be sure to have your camera at the ready as the photo opportunities in this fabulous part of the world are nothing short of spectacular.

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Napali Odyssey

The Napali Odyssey operates a brand-new Coast Guard Certified 24 foot Zodiac 773. They can accommodate up to 14 passengers per tour. The boat is a Rigid inflatable boat very similar to what the Navy Seals use. It’s very maneuverable and perfect for exploring sea caves and getting close to marine life. The boat offers more of up close personal experience than the giant catamarans often taking groups of over 20 passengers. When on Kauai and seeking a thrill along the Napali Coast look these guys up for a stellar experience.

Makana Charters and Tours

Another choice that is certainly worthy of your consideration is Makana Charters and Tours. Ran by a native Hawaiian family who takes much pride in giving their clients a wonderful experience, this choice has over two decades of experience and provide a crew that will help you to truly appreciate your surroundings.

Makana Charters and Tours don’t believe in simply giving clients a tour, rather they want to introduce their ‘new friend’ to their very own backyard. This will give you that personal touch which can really make a trip memorable for all the right reasons!

This aspect of the crew knowing the area like the back of their hand is a vital one and something you should look out for regardless of whether you opt for one of these two choices or another one altogether (there are plenty to choose from!) Ideally, you want to choose a tour where the crew have lived in the area for a large chunk of their life if not their entire life. This can often result in a tour that is so full of passion, so packed with the local knowledge and so addictively enjoyable that you will want to come to this part of Hawaii time and time again, just to go on the same boat trip!

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Indeed, a trip to Napali Beach is a real treat for all your senses, not just your sight! To really make the most of the stunning landscape a boat trip is very well worthwhile. Granted, there are many boat tours available, however, not all may offer one and the same experience to you, the visitor. Take your time to get to know the boat tours available in the area and think about what would make the trip special for you as an individual, a couple, a family or a group. Whether you opt for a fun-filled snorkel trip or a romantic sunset cruise, we are sure the majestic scenery and awe-inspiring feel to Napali Coast will have the potential to well and truly take your breath away!

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