Love is a pure bond between two souls that brings the best in each other. Couples eagerly wait for Valentine’s week to spend some and private time. However, it cannot be possible when you attend a party.

Travelling could be the perfect choice to spend seclusion time. Numerous places can add beauty to your loving life and make it more memorable. If you are not aware of such “Romantic Places”, then keep scrolling. We have mentioned some best places that you should visit at least once with your better half.

Top Destination To Celebrate Valentine

The best part of these destinations is that it takes away from your hectic routine, and fills your gap with shared memories.

Now, without wasting more time, let’s roll eyes on these stunning romantic places.

  1. Paris: City Of Love 

There is nothing on this earth like the Eiffel tower. It is the place where love can spend quality time alone. The mesmerising and friendly surrounding of this destination adds beauty to your love life. The crossing of tourist stopper makes the environment more romantic.

If you visit the city of love, then never forget to spend time by looking in the eyes of your love under the tower. This small step will take both of you into each other’s soul.

  1. Phnom Penh: Witness The Sunset

Sunset is the symbol of love; it brings positivity and makes each other soul full of curiosity. It triggers the emotions of both souls, and this creates strong bonds. This area is famous for the curious one who wants to know more about each other.

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The nature is so attractive that won’t make a couple to go, and you can enjoy delicious food. Now, imagine how you feel when the sun is setting, and you and your partner are sharing meals. It may be one of the most beautiful times of your life.

  1. Taj Mahal: Observe True Love 

It is a place that was commissioned by a king in the memory of his wife. Now, you can feel the love exist in the air surrounded in this place. Taj Mahal is also famous for its beauty, and it is the eight wonder on the earth.

To experience true love, you should visit Taj Mahal at once. Click some memorable photos, and spend some concealed in front of it.

  1. Victoria Falls

Love is not only present in intimate form, but several times, it acquires many hidden things, like thrilling and heart-catching. If you want to experience this kind of love, then Victoria Falls is the perfect place for you.

However, this place is eminent for the ones who want to propose a girl or vice versa. The reason is “the dynamism, and heartbeat sound of the waterfall make your lover fall in love with you.

Hug your partner, feel the sound of the waterfall, give some warm kisses.

  1. Jervis Bay, Australia 

Finding a dream place to take your valentine to? If yes, then searching gets over here. Jervis Bay is the place that can feel both of you like paradise on the earth. You can spend time on the white sand, and share your feeling.

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The surrounding and the glittering of the building will drive you to some other place. You can enjoy numerous more places around this, such as:

  • National park
  • Green patch point
  • Botanic garden

You can see how much wonderful time you can spend together apart from the hectic daily life.

  1. Wellington, New Zealand 

Is your partner or valentine a foodie one? If yes, then you must take her to wellington located in New Zealand. This location is famous for the restaurant and cuisine. It is not only limited to the food, but you can visit various places like a botanical garden, ride on a cable car that will offer the perfect city look. You can experience the calmness and energetic with your partner.

These are the six romantic places that you must visit if you are planning to do something special this valentine. You may wonder about the cost. If you think that these are not budget-friendly, then you can take out unsecured personal loans with bad credit score, and no guarantor required. This method may help you to get the cash fast, and give your valentine a pleasant surprise.


We hope this collection of places ends your searches for the perfect Valentine’s Day journey.


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