Most Beautiful Beaches In The World

People who love water sports love to go to beaches destinations for vacation. Some people remain confused about which place to visit for getting the best beach experience. However, a few get caught between mountains and beaches, which choice to make. In my opinion, the beach destination is the best place to spend your vacation. There are numerous beautiful and unique beaches all around the world. Each beach is different from another and unique in its way. Some beaches are even dog-friendly. Below are the top 9 beautiful beaches in the world.

The Baths – British Virgin Islands

It is one of the unique places around the world. The baths are a beach area formed due to volcanic activity in that area. You can swim in the water between the huge heightened boulders and click good pictures. This place tops the bucket list of almost every traveler. You can even explore this area and find the hidden compartments having a minimal light source. Architecture lovers will get mesmerized with the breathtaking and unique villas at the entrance of The Baths.

Makena – Hawaii

Makena beach is one of the most popular beaches in Hawaii. It is a secluded beach with less and peaceful crowd. Visitors can enjoy a picnic in shade or snorkel or swim in the water and relax on the sunny beach. It is a perfect picnic spot to have fun with your kids. It an amazing family holiday destination. Along with this big beach, there is a little beach too just around five minutes hike from the former.

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Hidden Beach – Mexico

Mexico is well-known for its fun and crazy beach party. Surrounded by one of the world best beach in the world It is a place many people wishes to visit for a vacation. It is a house of many unique beaches as well like the hidden beach. Earlier, many people were not aware of this beach but now after many backpackers are visiting Hawaii searching the hidden beach, it has become widely popular.

Pensacola Beach – Florida

Pensacola Beach is a beach with sugar white sand and crystal clear water. It offers a lot of great attractions to its visitors. Beachgoers can relax on the peaceful and sunny beach shores of Pensacola beach. You can enjoy your vacation drinking in restaurants, beach bars with minimal cost. There are a lot of water sports activities also. From lively to peaceful crowd Florida has a lot to offer when it comes to as a vacation destination. The luscious sugar sand and clear water make it a perfect destination for a relaxing vacation. There are beautiful and unique beach houses for rent in Treasure Island FL, you can accommodate in one for spending the best holiday time.

Piha Beach – New Zealand

Piha beach in New Zealand is a black sand beach situated in the west of Auckland. It is famous for its local kiwis. The water has strong and rapid currents which makes it a perfect location for surfing. It takes almost 45 minutes from Auckland to reach Piha beach.

Camps Bay Beach – Cape town

This beach is located in the Atlantic ocean making a premier destination for tourists. Camps Bay is the couple’s favorite place for a honeymoon or destination wedding. Many people had already taken vows on the camps bay. City center Is just 15 minutes drive away from this beach.

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Seven-Mile Beach – Jamaica

The seven-mile beach is a magnificent beach in Negril. Surrounded by white sand and clear water it is a perfect location for visitors looking for some fun water sports. This place is filled with fun activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, jet-skiing, kayaking, and many more. This is a perfect holiday destination for friends, couples, and family. Despite being so popular, you will see less crowd because of the bountiful of options for fun on this beach.

Siesta Beach – Florida

Florida is known for its beaches and no doubt it is also known as USA’s beach state. However, one of the most visited and best beach among all is the Siesta beach. People from all over the world visit Florida every year. Millions of visitors visit Florida throughout the year to enjoy these amazing beaches. There are a lot of fun activities that you are your kids can enjoy while on a vacation. You can even spot a dolphin in water during summer if you are lucky enough.

Sunset Beach – Treasure Island, Florida

It is located in the southern tip of treasure island, Florida. It is famous for its sunset. You can enjoy a beautiful beach wedding or vacation with your friends and family with a view of the sunset. Sunset beach is one of the hidden treasures of Treasure Island, Florida. Nested between some beaches from homes and the Gulf of Mexico, it is a picturesque spot. There are many beach houses for rent in Treasure Island FL nearby this place offering great luxury and hospitality. You can stay in one of the best beachfront view resort on your next vacation in Florida.

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In final words

The world is surrounded by 71% of water and there are bountiful of beaches all over the world. Beaches destinations are most people’s favorite destination for spending a vacation. These are some of the best beaches to visit for a fun and happening vacation. However, there are a few hidden beaches also which are unknown to mankind. If you are a beach lover, you can your list or pick up a few for spending your vacations.

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