Reasons to Getting Married in the Bahamas

If you are planning for a smaller wedding party in the presence of your family and close friends, why not consider the picturesque Bahamas for the special day? With its pristine beaches, laid-back lifestyle, warm and cozy atmosphere and crystal-clear waters, the beautiful Bahamas have the perfect setting and backdrop for a wedding celebration. The Bahamas wedding will really transform your big day into a lifetime memory.

Nassau, Paradise Island, Grand Bahama Island and the Family islands are a few of the best places to tie the knot in the Bahamas. No matter which location you choose, the luxury arrangements offered by your resort will make your day memorable. Yes, most of the Bahamas resorts host weddings and provide a personal wedding planner to cater to all your decoration needs. You can choose a forest setting, pristine beach or a golden sunset backdrop and these resorts will make sure everything falls into place.

To make sure your guests do not get bored and enjoy every bit of their holiday, these resorts also offer a variety of indoor and outdoor fun activities keeping everybody occupied from kids to the older ones. Guests can spend their day kayaking, boating, scuba diving, or chilling with the swimming pigs. For those, who are not so adventurous, heading out to see the nearby attractions seems a pretty good idea. There is so much more to the Bahamas than its gorgeous landscape settings. It might come as a surprise, but the Bahamas has an amazing nightlife with pubs hosting parties full of entertainment, live music, dancing, delicious foods, and drinks. The lazy guests can enjoy the world-class spa and massages, fine dining opportunities and other experiences offered by the luxury Bahamas resort. There is something for everybody!

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The best part of a Bahamas wedding is that the happy couple doesn’t need to fly to another location for the honeymoon. Yes, there is no better place to spend a romantic and cozy time with your better half than the breathtaking Bahamas. If you’re staying at a luxury resort, chances are they’ll offer you a beautifully decorated wedding suite making sure your first night becomes even more special. Head out to popular spots while creating memories with your significant other. On the way, you’ll come across some of the finest restaurants offering Bahamian cuisine, enchanted forests, fun-filled party atmosphere and many other couples who you might even end up being friends with.

If you absolutely love the idea of getting married in this paradise but shunning the plan just because the costs might take a toll on you, you’ll be glad to know that’s not the case here. You can spend half of what you plan to spend on a destination wedding in the USA or Australia and still have the best Bahamas wedding. Most Bahamas resorts offer all-inclusive wedding packages taking care of everything that you need from a wedding planner, photographer, reception to honeymoon at a very reasonable price. A wedding in the Bahamas will not just make the couple nostalgic but also the guests when going down the memory lane.

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