Witness 5 of the Most Breathtaking Waterfalls in Great Britain

From the Falling Foss of North Yorkshire to the Meat Falls of Skye, it is not easy to put together top five of the loveliest waterfalls in Great Britain. While some are perfect for amazing photo opportunities and great picnic spots, the rest is famous for an ultimate wild swimming experience. But all of them are surely worth visiting. 

To explore Great Brittain may not be typical for a budget-friendly tour but once you have landed on its precious gems, you’d realise that going on a Britain trip is actually worth every penny. So, if you’re a fan of gigantic waterfalls, read on to see a shortlist of the best waterfalls that you can find as you visit England, Wales, and Scotland. While we have so many waterfalls to choose from, good thing is that we have managed to filter them down into the top five.  

Falling Foss in North Yorkshire, England

The saturated colours of 30-feet falling waters, woodland, and autumn leaves are the overall impression of Falling Foss. With amazement and all, you must fall in love with how the waters flow against a hunk of black solid rock and down towards a swimmable pool. It’s ideal to take a light garment bag because during summer, visitors enjoy an idyllic walk under the shady woodlands and cool down in a tea garden nearby. If you try to take another short walk from the falls, you will find The Hermitage house with a hollowed-out boulder where there used to live a hermit according to folklore.      

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Thornton Force in North Yorkshire, England

Another cascade pride of England is found at the heart of Ingleton in North Yorkshire and is said to be one of the most famous waterfalls that is also included in Ingleton Waterfalls trail, a popular disklike trail that begins and ends in the village of Ingleton in North Yorkshire. If you are visiting these waterfalls on the same day, it is advised to ride a car since there is no available route for trails or minibus hires from May Beck to Ingleton.   

Sgwd yr Eira in the Brecon Beacons, South Wales

Brace yourselves as we take you from England to South Wales! Wales is known for its numerous waterfalls and thus it is not surprising that the shire is often called the Waterfall County. Most travellers would likely spend a few hours exploring the woodlands, riverbanks, and waterfalls. The veil of the white meadow waterfalls will mostly allow the visitors to get behind it and experience the scene from The Last of the Mohicans film in 1992. But expect to get very wet when you try to stand behind the gushing cascades of Sgwd yr Eira.   

Watkins Path Waterfalls in Gwynedd, Wales

Watkins Path in Gwynedd is an idyllic haven to several pools that laze on its gigantic cascade floors. With the abundance of crystal clear cyan pools, freshening up after a mountain climb at Snowdon is the most popular activity for most visitors in this area.  

Mealt Falls in Isle of Skye, Scotland 

The best way to enjoy a once in a lifetime Isle of Skye tour can be accomplished by witnessing the majestic views of Mealt Falls in Scotland. For most of us, waterfalls that leap off cliffs into the sea will always have a special place in our hearts. To capture its panoramic view, you need to abseil or kayak and expect to hear the galloping gush of waters as they fall down and precipice to the ocean. 

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