Top Reasons Why You Are Burned Out From Work And How to Fix It

There are many instances when a work-life balance can overwhelm a person into sheer exhaustion. Although work burnout is completely natural, it can leave one, feeling worthless and misplaced without any sense of purpose. Fortunately, many creative, healthy, yet productive options are available out there to help and guide people, when such a situation arrives.

Nonetheless, work burnout should not be unattended for a long time as it may have straining effects on a person that can push them into unhealthy conditions such as high blood pressure and depression to name a few. This article elaborates on the different ways a person should tackle work burnout to beat it:

A Work-Life Imbalance With No Time to De-stress

This is a major reason why more and more people are being burned out at work. Especially after the pandemic, when they are constantly online and the boundary between work and normal life has been blurred. Which means that you have no time to de-stress. If work is a reason for your burnout, then you probably have lost all joy in it. To restore that passion and excitement for your work again, take regular breaks. It’s highly important and also key to good health.

Some people are natural workaholics but even they require some time off to rejuvenate themselves. So that when they return, they are refreshed and bring new energy to their work. If they don’t take a break or don’t indulge in personal pursuits from time to time, restoring energy levels would become hard. However, if you have evaluated your condition and feel that the work you do no longer excites you because it has become generic and robotic, then it is time to switch careers. A career change will not drain you and may exactly be what you need now. 

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Make Some Small Changes to Handle Your Daily Life Issues

If the reason behind your burnout is not to work, then you need to check for other reasons that are draining your energy and stressing you out. Regularly making small changes to your daily life can improve the quality of your life and eliminate your issues. Simple habits such as exercising daily benefit one daily for it is said to increase the feel-good hormones called endorphins, which improve one’s mood regularly. While joining a gym may be a good idea but if that option is not available, then the other option is to start your exercise regimen from home.

YouTube has so many fitness channels that you can easily follow. Next, start your day with some lemon and warm water, and then instead of directly jumping into work, brew a nice hot cup of coffee. Or you can even try out its cold counterpart. The idea is not to jump directly into the pool of work notifications awaiting you. Instead begin your day with a small meditation practice, followed by your exercise routine and some coffee, and then begin work. This way you wouldn’t feel stressed out and will have fresh perspectives for all the challenges that lie ahead in the day.

Get Adequate Amount of Sleep Without Going on a Vacation

One common piece of advice normally given to people, who are experiencing burnout is to take a vacation abroad or take a trip, somewhere within the country. This would prove to be a fantastic chance, so when they return to work, they would see it with fresh eyes. However, not all people can go on a vacation due to their commitments. In such a case, they address the burnout while staying at home as taking a vacation in mid-year is quite impractical.

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Hence, if a person does continue working, they should switch off devices, take a break from screen time, and get an optimum amount of sleep and rest. Lack of sleep or rest is another reason that often results in frequently feeling burned out. If you have issues falling asleep at night and feel that you are unable to relax, try some basic sleep techniques such as shutting off all light sources so that not an ounce of light enters the room, switching off all apps so that you do not go back to browsing on your phone, and try to sleep. Though it may be difficult at first, a good amount of sleep will refresh you in no time. 

Utilize Mindfulness Mobile Apps

You can use the different mobile apps available out there to help you achieve mental peace and calm while gaining some control over your stress and burnout. However, always check that the apps you downloaded are not relying on the internet as per se. For there are times when a person wants to use the app but can’t do so because the service is sluggish or experiencing some kind of network glitch.

Although, restarting your modem can instantly solve all your network issues, if that doesn’t work, instead of stressing out, immediately contact your local internet provider so you can finally have some peace and rest! On the other hand, limiting apps during your rest time should also help you to combat burnout at work. This way, constant pinging of your notifications will not disturb you and you will feel fully rested after your break. Otherwise, you will still feel down and in need of a break.

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Wrapping Up

Although stress can easily topple any person’s normally calm demeanor, it is important to know how to tackle it and have control over it. Whether you choose to journal your stress factors or seek professional counseling to help you with the issue, one should always remember that it’s a part of life, and if there are some bad days, there are good days ahead too. In the end, one’s health, physical, mental, and emotional is the priority, and taking a break now and then should always be on top, if one wants to produce their 100 percent!

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