20 Travel Tips for Happy Vacations in India

Traveling is a part of human interests. There is nothing quite like touring and viewing a new area for the first time, or returning to a favorite place. People of different age and different countries trip to foreign lands for various reasons which might include work, family and leisure.

India is one of the best countries to travel to India is full of beautiful places to visit. You should keep some significant points in your mind before touring to India.

  1. Observe the culture of India

India is the land of diversity. You will find a lot of cultural beliefs and different religious practices happening here. Avoid commenting on any of them as it might hurt the sentiments of the people.

  1. Go beyond the Cities

Although India’s big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata are exciting. At the same time, it is a worthwhile to go farther from the cities and visit some of India’s smaller villages. The momentum of life will be slow and the air will be clean.

  1. Cover yourself

Although, the temperature may be warm in India, touring around in a mini skirt or a low-cut top is not acceptable.

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It is a conservative place. You will draw a lot of unwanted attention to yourself when you costume in a revealing fashion. Also, if you are touring a religious site such as a temple, it is disrespectful to wear such clothes.

  1. Get a new SIM Card for your phone

Being able to use your phone while roaming around India will execute things to be simpler.

You will be able to look up to directions on Google Maps, read TripAdvisor reviews before visiting a restaurant, quickly check out tour websites on the go for tips and scam information and much more.

  1. Don’t consider it a battle, Learn How to Haggle

Haggling is a natural part of purchasing in India, but it will feel a bit unusual and frightening at first if you are from a culture where haggling is not the purchasing system. The significant point to remember is that it is not a battle – it is a friendly consultation.

  1. Mark Out for Pickpockets

Whenever you are in a busy public area, be on your guard to confirm that your personal belongings are secured.

  1. Learn How to Eat with Your Hands

In many places of India, cutlery is not used. You can eat curry by folding over a little of chapatti, using it to scoop or pinch some rice and curry and then stuffing it into your mouth.

  1. Be careful while Exchanging Money

Be conscious in places that exchange money, like the offices at the airport, which are likely to rip you off. It is better to get your money from the ATM as they are the safest and fastest way to get money. They will have the best possible exchange rates.

  1. Be Careful When Walking on the Sidewalk

It is important to walk carefully as footpaths are not assigned on most of the roads.

  1. Just Go for It

The truth is that visiting India will be much more challenging than visiting other countries. It is essential to take care of yourself because you might feel overwhelmed and exhausted as it is a huge country.

  1. Tour Agency

You really shouldn’t travel anywhere without a tour agency. If you fall sick, any medical treatment you require will be met by your agency. Some agency policies will also comprise you for theft, lost luggage, cancellations and anything else that can go wrong during your journey.

  1. Count Your Change

It is a tip that can be applied almost anywhere in the world. Whenever you are buying items or paying for something, count your money carefully.

  1. Inspect Bottled Water before Purchasing

You can apply this tip anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, some shop keepers will refill their bottles of water with tap water and then put the lid back on and sell them again. You should check the bottle before purchasing to bypass such conditions.

  1. Couples – Avoid Public Display of Affection

If you are traveling to India with your partner, avoid hugging, kissing, and holding hands in public areas. Keep your desires discreet out of respect for the locals.

  1. Don’t Expect Things to Happen on Time in India

Keep in mind that everything happens on “Indian Time.” Trains won’t necessarily leave when scheduled, Indian friends might not arrive when they said they would, and things can take a lot longer than expected.

  1. Have More Than One Way to Access Your Money

You can keep several sources of money so that you cannot face any trouble.

  1. Be Flexible while traveling

If you are on an extended trip, do not pre-book everything. You might find interesting things along the way and thus, go with the flow.

  1. Don’t Be Fooled by Fake Ticket Offices

Sometimes in big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, you will see false train ticket stations and tourist information offices. They might attempt to scam you by selling you false tickets.

  1. Consider Going Vegetarian

Many travelers choose to eat vegetarian during their visit because it reduces your risk of getting sick from poorly cooked meat.

  1. Learn the Basics of the Local Language

Locals will feel connected with you and will be glad to help.

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