4 Effective Credit Card Tips To Make Your Business Trips Hassle Free

The days when you have to carry cash with you all the time are long gone. Plastic money such as debit card and credit cards have saved you from the hassle of carrying cash. Mobile payments and mobile banking apps help you in perfuming financial transaction from anywhere at any time.

In addition to this, there are so many advantages of carrying your corporate credit card with you on business trip that most businesses have started preferring it over cash. You can avail discounts, collect and redeem reward points and collect air miles which you can avail to redeem free flights. Despite this, many businesses are unaware of the fact that these credit cards can make your business trip hassle free. If you are interested in knowing how, this article is for you.

In this article, you will learn about four effective credit card tips that will make you business trip less taxing and more enjoyable.

1. Flexibility is Key

Business travel tend to fly with the same airline most of the times. They do this because it entitles them to many benefits that others don’t have access to. Unfortunately, airlines can take this for granted and does not stay loyal with their customers.

Frequent flier programs are less rewarding than they used to be few years back and if you have been a frequent flier, you might have noticed it too. What this means that you frequent fliers are less likely to get upgrades today than they use to two years ago. Moreover, they have increased the number of miles required by a flier to secure an upgrade thus making it more difficult for flier to get an upgrade.

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Instead of sticking to a single airline and working hard towards achieving that steep target, you are better off accumulating flexible travel points from reward programs that you can redeem in different ways including booking cheapest yacht rental Dubai. By following this approach, you are not left stranded or tied to a single airline. As a result, even if their rewarding policies change over time, you will not bear the brunt of it.

2. Take Advantage of Your Miles

One reason for using a credit card during business travel is that entitles you to air miles. With travel credit card, you can easily collect these miles and use them to enjoy free flights. Some banks also offer travel credit card which is a much better option as they offer miles in a bank run program.

For instance, Barclay card arrival plus world elite Mastercard offers double miles on all purchases and every mile is worth a cent and a statement credit towards travel reservation. What makes these offerings stand out from the crowd is that you can book award travel in the same way as any other reservation. Plus, it offers additional reward points and miles which you can use to book future award travel.

3. Stop Worrying About Fees

When you are on business trip, you will have to bear different types of expenses in the name of fees. Some of them includes baggage charges and seat selection fees. If you are using a credit card, you don’t have to worry about fees as some airlines offer statement credits to pay for airline fees.

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For example, American Express is offering $200 on their Platinum Card which allows travelers to pay for all the fees including ticket changes, checked bags and in-flight purchases along with paying for meals and drinks they consume during the flight. That is just one example and you can also find many more as many airlines and banks have started offering such facilities to business travelers. The money you save can be utilized for other activities such as desert safari Dubai.

4. Global Entry Programs

Do you hate standing in long airport security lines? If yes, then you should opt for a global entry program. By signing up for a global entry program, you can save yourself a lot of time by speeding through immigration process and pass airport security checks in no time. You can also get access to TSA pre-check program that offers expedited security for domestic travel.

Although, these Global Entry programs will cost you hundreds of dollars, but they are well worth it. Additionally, different credit cards are offering statement credits to pay for these fees so you don’t have to worry about these fees. Make sure to sign up for the global entry program to make trip less of a hassle.

Which is the most effective credit card tip you have ever used? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below.

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