5 Nations to Travel to in the Year 2019

The world is full of natural beauty and one just needs to buy an air ticket a flight to discover that exquisiteness. There are a lot of places to see on planet earth, which are worth a at least a single visit, but all of them cannot be explored in one go that is why we have made a list of nations that you should surely visit in 2019.


Iceland is totally opposite to its name for the reason that there is flora and fauna all around not just waterfalls and snow. Located between Europe and North of America, this magnificent country is known for its several geothermal hot-spots as well as hot springs.  Off roading is against the law in Iceland, which helps in preserving the nature. All these are the reasons why every traveller falls in love with the wildlife and waterfalls of this gorgeously striking nation. There are a lot of places to get around especially in the winter season.


India is a small earth in itself plus host to a diversity of cultures, cuisines, travel attractions, handicrafts and art forms. This Asian paradise is dirt cheap for vacationers from all across the globe with backpacking hostels, home stays and luxury hotels spread all over the nation . And when it comes to local transportation there are trains, deluxe buses, flights, local ferries, taxis, trams plus self drive vehicles offered in almost every single part of the wonderful nation. India has got just about everything from high altitude Himalayan hilltops to lengthened sand dunes to blue water seashores. India is also house to one of the Seven Wonders of the World the ever so gorgeous “Taj Mahal”. An outing to India is not complete without a trip to Pondicherry, Kumbakonam or Assam.

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It is one of those rare countries on which you can land by purchasing a fairly affordable flight ticket and revel in your vacation without burning a hole in your pocket. Kuala lumpur the capital metropolis is the city where all the intercontinental flights land and is home to the well-known Petronas Twin Towers. Some of the most visited travel attractions of Malaysia are Kinabalu National Park, Langkawi, Penang, Fraser’s Hill, Gentling Highlands, and many more.

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Considered to be the happiest nation on the planet earth, Denmark is a country any travel enthusiast would love holidaying to mainly because of the sort of travel destination denmark has on offer. It is the place of birth of one of the most bought toys across the world, Lego. Moreover, Copenhagen Airport is one of the busiest landing fields in the world where most of the holidaymakers land. Finding the correct accommodation and inexpensive modes of transportation is not that hard in Denmark. The Danish Islands, Dyrehavsbakken, Tivoli, Legoland are some of the major tourist attractions of this country.


The soil of Kangaroos has always been one of the primary choices of tourists from over the globe principally because of the assortment of its travel places. This world eminent tourist destination is acknowledged for its natural wonders and gigantic open spaces, crystal clear coastlines, golden deserts, and “the Outback”. Canberra, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth are the metropolises which are on the do visit list of every vacationer travelling to Australia. It is the sixth biggest country in terms of land area and is recognized for its striking islands.

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