7 Basic Beauty Tips to Care for Your Skin While Traveling

Traveling is so much fun and exciting. You prepare a lot and get yourself ready for your most-awaited trip abroad or to a far province in the country. It is however inevitable that it’s not just pure fun but also tiring and stressful at some certain situations and places. Despite that, you still aim to look good and feel good during your travel.

While it’s not a hundred percent easy to avoid getting haggard and tired-looking, there are simple things you can actually do to stay fresh. Here are 7 basic beauty tips for you to care for your skin and keep it healthy while you are on a travel!



Wherever you travel to, the heat of the sun can be one of the factors that can harm your skin. Most especially if you visit a certain country during the summer season, it will be really difficult for your skin.

Sometimes, other countries’ summer is hotter than yours because the seasons and other environmental conditions vary. That’s why don’t forget to apply sunscreen with the right SPF to protect your skin from the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.

Take important note as well that if you are having activities that will require you to stay under the sun, do not forget to apply sunscreen, most especially on the most exposed skin areas like that of your face. Hiking, mountain climbing, jogging and biking could be some of those adventures that will soak you under Mr. Sun.

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Sunscreen will help prevent sunburns and other unwanted skin issues caused mainly by the heat of the sun.



It will be helpful if you wear a mouth mask if you travel. For health-related reasons, it can shield you from dirty, smelly and unhealthy air pollution, as well as fumes and harmful organisms that flow with the wind. Also, it can save you from acquiring airborne diseases and communicable illnesses.

Wearing it can help protect your facial skin also from the unfavorable elements mentioned above. It can be used as a covering for your face to protect it from the damaging effects of heat and smoke.



You encounter a lot of people outside, and you engage in different activities. You get exposed to different elements of the environment. Dust here, smoke there. The coldness and the hotness of the weather also say something.

Because you encounter many things that might make your skin unclean and tainted, it is necessary that you always wash your face at the end of the day. When you’re already in the hotel or in the inn where you’re staying during your trip, don’t sleep immediately. Although you are tired, keep in mind that it’s unhealthy and nasty to skip cleaning your face before going to bed.

Also, even if the day isn’t over yet and you just feel like you already have to wash your face, then do so. It will make you be more comfortable and confident as you travel. Bring your own facial wash if needed too.

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To protect your skin in general, don’t miss to pack clothes that will not just give you the best OOTDs but will also keep you safe. Whether you’re going to a hot place or a cold destination, long-sleeved clothes are advisable. Sweaters and sweatshirts are also good picks.

Sweatpants, long dresses and skirts and jackets with hood can also help protect your skin both from the high and the low temperatures. If you only bring or mostly take sleeveless, short and thin clothes, it will be hard for you to adjust to the weather. If your skin’s particularly sensitive, it might get irritated by the atmosphere or by certain elements present in that place’s surroundings.

Choose the right clothes that will cover you, and you will be healthy and happy while you travel.



Especially in places with low temperature, your lips can get really dry, flaky and chapped. That’s why it will be very friendly if you always bring a lip balm in your pocket and apply before going out and when you feel that your lips are getting dry.

Cracked lips are painful. They can bleed, and for those who have a habit of pulling the skin on the lips, it’d be satisfying but really hurtful. Your lips can appear wounded and pale too.

A lip balm once in a while is not bad, especially if you choose the good quality ones with great healthy benefits as well.



A face mask to rest and relax your skin is another way to spend the night after a long day of adventures, strolling and having fun. It will clean your face from blemishes and remove pollutants that have been absorbed by your skin throughout the day.

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It will also help you wake up to an even more glowing skin that’s ready for another day packed with thrilling travel and glee!



Never ignore the need to drink plenty of water during your trip. Beverages like juices, sodas, colas and coffee might be your top preferences, but they can’t be as healthy as H2O.

Water is needed by your body for cleansing, refreshing and energy. Drinking water also makes your skin feel rejuvenated and alive. It prevents dryness and dullness. It makes you beautiful and radiant inside and out.




When traveling, make sure that you do not just think about all the fun but also of your health as well. Specifically, your skin’s health can be affected badly that’s why you need to consider the above-mentioned beauty tips for your travel.

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