Amazing Places To Celebrate Mother’s Day 2020

In this world, there is only one person who unconditionally loves and cares about us from the first breath till the last – Yes, it’s our mother. After she gives you birth, she makes a hidden agreement with herself, making you the most significant priority of her life; and she didn’t hesitate a bit when doing so.

While we might never be capable enough to repay her debt and for all that she does for us on a day to day basis, we can invariably attempt to convince her that she is a vital element of our life. Mother’s Day 2020 is just a few days ahead, and you wouldn’t get a better opportunity to surprise her with your love. Every mom is distinctive, and therefore we’ve brought you some holiday ideas to appeal to all sorts of mothers.

  1. For the mom who loves adventures


If your mom enjoys the sporadic physical experience in her life, then take her to Rishikesh for river rafting. It is an adequately secure sport that she would relish. This would be an adventure she will treasure for ages, and you will find it amusing to witness her strapped in a helmet and life jacket, striving to row over rough waters. It is merely a mother’s day weekend business, so reserve a hotel in Rishikesh right now.

  1. For the mother who is a mountain girl


After putting in all the hard work every day, your mom requires some time off to recover. And nothing aids you to omit the tedious task of life better than spending some time in the mountains. Take your mom for a weekend voyage to Landour near Mussoorie. Formerly created in 1827 by the British Army, this small settlement is still filled with Victorian enchantment for an experience entirely different from modern city life. There are cottages available to stay, so your mom can behold Landour in all its grandeur and serenity. While you both celebrate mother’s day 2020 with a Mother day cake.

  1. For the mom who loves to scale peaks
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Prashar Lake

Going on an easygoing weekend hike with your mom is a beautiful idea, and it grows exponentially more appropriate on a Mother’s day weekend. If your mom is relatively fit and likes trekking, You must go to the magnificent trek to Prashar Lake in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The activity includes traveling and staying at Mandi for a day to roam the beautiful district and advancing for the trek on the next morning. The trek is small enough to savor and not be physically stressed, and yet adequately long to give your mom a sense of accomplishment after finishing it. The mesmerizing 360 look of the complete Prashar Valley at the climax is a scene she will cherish throughout her life.

  1. For the mom who is a water baby


Honestly! Who does not like Goa? And if your mom appreciates the sun submerging into the infinite sea while drinking beer inside a hippie shed, don’t waste time and schedule a flight to Panaji immediately. If your mom has never traveled to Goa earlier, remember you reserve a hotel at Calangute Beach as that is where all the pleasure is. If your mom has previously been to Baga and Calangute, we strongly suggest a visit to Arambol Beach. It’s interestingly yet a comparatively unexplored beach and therefore guarantees an unusual Goa experience. 

  1. For the religious mom


If your mother is a conventional temple-goer and maintains a fast each week for the betterment of her family, then a trip to the beautiful dham that is the holy Dwarka in the state of Gujarat is perfect for her! The Temple, known as Dwarkadhish, is dedicated to Lord Krishna, the emperor of Dwarka, and is among the most significant places in the Hindu faith. The town is situated right by the shores of the venerated Gomti river. Take your mom on this religious tour and delight her. The best Mother day gifts ever.

  1. For the mom who hasn’t gone abroad yet
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Paris is among the most attractive cities in Europe, and the most traveled to cities in the world, so it must also make for an excellent first international destination for your mom! Tour with your mom on the pebbled paths to the epochal Eiffel tower and make her pose in front of it so that you can cease her delight in a picture permanently. Let this trip be the one she won’t ever forget. Begin preparing for this and reserve hotels in Paris, for which you are not required to pay immediately.

  1. 7. For the mom who dislikes travelling

Book A Room in Your Nearby Resort

There are definitely those moms who do not like traveling at all. If you also have a mother who jumps at the idea of cancelled outstation trips, I have a perfect solution for you as well. Gift her a staycation. Just book a luxury room in your nearby resort to give her the gift of ultra-luxury with a spa, a wellness centre, an outdoor pool, greenery and water bodies. If you’re looking for a fantastic getaway for Mother’s Day 2020, this one is right on top!

8. For the mom who seeks nirvana

In Buddhist tradition, Vipassana means an insight into the true nature of reality through three marks of existence, namely impermanence, suffering and the realisation of non-self. If your mother is into spirituality and meditation, there isn’t a better gift than checking her into a Vipassana meditation centre. A 10-day stint inside the centre will change her worldly views forever and help her feel at peace. 

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