Discover the Most Adventurous Places on Earth to Roam with your Friends

Seeking adventure has been a part of the greater human instinct.

To just get out of the daily 9 to 5 rut that most of us find ourselves stuck in. And, just get to that thrilling adrenaline rush state.

But every travel adventure need not have to be super thrilling. Where the right amount of adventure can bring our consciousness to that flow state we all love. And travelling, in general, is also very good for us.

Human beings have been extending their reach throughout planet Earth. As a result of which we have explored the majority of the places of this planet.

Thus, we now have a lot of different tourist destination options to choose from. Where more and more people are visiting which is causing those places to be commonplace.

But no matter what, our planet is too big to run out of places of adventure. Where you can go to with your group of friends to have the time of your lives.

10 Places Around the World you can Visit for the Ultimate Adventure

Do you think you’re a high-level adventure junkie and would jump onto any opportunity for adventure?

Then, you’re reading the right article. I’ll tell you about 10 different places spread around the world. Where if you take time to visit, you’ll have a compelling story to tell your friends later on.

But more than that, you and your gang of adventure buffs will be able to experience the actual flow state.

As while you’re there in that place, the last thing you guys will be thinking of is your everyday problems. So now, let’s dive in deep into these places of adventure without any further ado.

The Base Camps at the Foot of Mt. Everest

Ahh, the Himalayas.

When it comes to the most picturesque landscapes in the world, nothing compares to the mountains. Just the grandeur of it.

And while talking about mountainous regions and mountain peaks. The Himalayan mountain ranges, which boasts the highest point on the surface of Earth, Mt. Everest. Is going to take the center stage.

In terms of adventure, you can go for a trek in a region like this. That is going to be an experience that you’ll never forget.

Otherwise, if you and your friends are used to treks and climbs like this, then why not attempt to reach the summit of this majestic mountain peak. Of course, you’re going to need the right kind of training and the right amount of it.

But once you take care of that, the degree of adventure will scale up 10 notches.

Yet, it’s not only about adrenaline pumping levels of adventure. You can also go there with your friends and have a peaceful time for introspection.

People living there welcome visitors with open arms. And with fantastic hospitality, you’ll absolutely love it there.

So, do have this place on your bucket list of adventure.

NamibRand in Namibia

Does the starry night sky fascinate you when it comes up every night?

Well, if the answer is yes, then you must visit the NamibRand Dark Sky Reserve. This reserve is there in the beautiful African nation of Namibia.

With a gold certification, this Dark Sky Reserve is absolutely among the most beautiful places on planet Earth.

The landscape of this place is what makes it so special.

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During the day, you’ll get to see the landscape at its most beautiful . Rolling hillocks, with mountain jutting out here and there. And then, there are the plains, it’s all there along with all the wildlife.

But, once the sun goes down beneath the horizon. That’s when you’ll get to see the real deal, for which you’ll have to look up and above.

If you think you’ve seen beautiful starry skies from where you live, then NamibRand will set the new standard for you.

Due to the topography and the climatic conditions, you’ll have clear skies at night. And that is what brings out the ultimate starscape. Something which you just can’t get from any other open space in the world.

Then there is the Sossusvlei Desert Lodge to serve you with an excellent place to stay. And there, you’ll get all the necessary amenities you might need and even more.

So, when you think starry night sky, think NamibRand.

The Icelandic Volcanoes

You must have seen how great volcanoes look, with the brilliant snapshots we’ve seen of them. But do you know how scary it can be if you’re standing in an active volcanic region?

It’s downright terrifying for people that have been there and experienced that. As the line between life and death can be rather thin.

But the next best thing to that is a dormant volcano, which isn’t going to blow up anytime soon.

That’s what you’ll get to see when you visit the different volcanic spots in the island nation of Iceland.

Thrihnukagigur is the name that comes to mind when talking about the various volcanic spots in Iceland. This has been inactive since the past 4 millennia and doesn’t show any sign of activity. So, it’s safe from that regard.

If you’re looking for a great adventurous time, then I would highly suggest this place to you. It’ll give you exactly what you want.

Think of how great the view would be when you and your friends have mounted of a window cleaner lift. And you’re looking at the volcano there, the sleeping giant colored in several different hues.

Do try and visit this place at least once.


Antarctica is almost a synonym for the words ‘unknown’ and ‘adventurous’.

Great stories and memoirs have come out of people who have tried to navigate around in this place.

But even to this day, Antarctica maintains that air of mystery around it. With a lot of conspiracy theory fans egging it all on.

Whatever the case may be for that. If you’re planning on an adventure with a capital ‘A’, then Antarctica is going to be perfect for that. Catering to the ultimate adventure instincts in you with the cold and the thrill.

Antarctica is where you’ll get to see certain unique wildlife. Ones which you can’t come across anywhere else in the world. Mainly due to the climate and the vicious and icy terrain.

To the East of this grand continent, there’s the Weddell Sea where you can go on a cruise. You and your adventure loving friends will absolutely love it there. Where the bitterly cold climate will always have you on your toes.

Definitely, a place you should visit at least once throughout the span of your life.

Havanna, Cuba

Cuba is one of the few places in the world that can give you the true taste of classic. And that is not just beautiful, but rather nostalgic as well.

Firstly, once you visit the capital city of Havana. You and your friends will get to roam around in a classic Cadillac. Yes, they have it there but won’t get to drive it yourself.

By the way, Cubans love their muscle cars which they spend a lot of resources to maintain.

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Although you might have some issues getting a travel permit if you’re from America. But once you get around it, Havana isn’t going to disappoint you.

The Great Milford Track Hike, New Zealand

New Zealand is a really picturesque country. And it is quite popular for its low population.

That is where this amazing hiking trail is. One, among the 9 Great Walks in this country. The Milford Track is definitely one for the adventure lovers.

If you want to go hiking on this particular track, then you’ll have 4 days of hiking at hand.

Hiking, in general, is one of the best outdoor activities that you can engage in. With equal amounts of adventure and pure satisfaction, this will be one adventure to remember.

And that is what makes the Milford Track in New Zealand such an ideal route to hike on. Through the beautiful terrain, you and your friends will be able to walk through. And if you want to rest for a while, you’ll have 3 different lodges along the walk.

But you won’t be able to camp there as there’s no permit for that.

Still, the experience of hiking on this track as a whole is a must. If you like nature and want to be amidst that for some time.

The Plateaus in Ladakh, India

Ladakh in the Indian subcontinent are flatlands with the highest elevation in the world. That has gotten them the name of the ‘Roof of the world’.

A mesmerizing place from whichever angle you might look at it from. It’s another ‘must visit’ place for all adventure buffs with some of the harshest climates one could come across. A cold desert at a high elevation pointing to the Central Asian highlands.

But the landscape isn’t the only thing that makes Ladakh a true wonder.

The wildlife here is special. And the special among the special are the snow leopards. High up in the cold mountains and plateaus lives this exotic carnivore. They are not only beautiful but even more dangerous.

Still, that’s not going to be much of a threat to your group’s safety as this animal is rather elusive.

For the more peaceful and spiritual, there are great Buddhist monasteries in Ladakh. You can visit them to feed your spiritual thirst.

You might be hard-pressed to find paw prints of such snow leopards in that terrain. But, if you do find one, or even better come across this animal. You have my guarantee that you’ll forget to take a snap of it in sheer amazement.

All you’ll get to keep is the memory of the visual. So, consider visiting this place for such a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Amazon Basin in Ecuador

Ever wondered how thrilling it would be to spend days in a jungle?

And not any jungle by the way. It’s going to be the Amazon basin region in the country of Ecuador.

That is where you’ll get to experience the flora and fauna which you won’t be able to find anywhere else. But that’s just the part of it.

With proper preparation on your part, you’d be able to have the adventure of a lifetime along with your buddies. In a jungle which will always have you on your toes, in order for safety, and yes sometimes, your life.

But the thing here that amazes visitors the most are the tribal people of this region.

Among the few remaining indigenous tribes around the world. Meeting the tribal people here can give you a humbling perspective.

To have a look back into the more primal side of things, when things were a lot tougher for us humans. Would have you appreciate all the things you possess, much more than you’re doing now.

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As an example, the Huaorani people here live their everyday lives hunting and gathering most of their food. A big threat for these people and others like them, among the many, that is there. Happens to be the piranha-infested waters, which I believe you know the dangers of.

So, for adventure with your friends in deep and swampy jungles. This is definitely the place to visit.

Board the Trans Siberian Railways

Do you like the cold, or maybe hate it?

Whatever the case may be, adventure awaits you and your friends in Siberia.

No, I’m not saying that you have to get down and dirty in the Siberian chill. But pass through it on the Trans Siberian Railway tracks.

From Moscow in the west to Vladivostok in the east. These network of railroads pass through the vast Russian territory through Central Asia. And while you’re on it, you’ll get to see how big and sprawling an area might be.

Get on board on any of these trains, and travel along with Russians, Mongolians, Caucasians, and all of them.

And share stories and learn new things about them. Also, get to enjoy the hospitality in the trains with good food, and lots of vodka if you like it.

Along the route, you’ll get to experience awe-inspiring sights of the Gobi Desert, Lake Baikal and such. So, if you’re in for a trip through the cold, get on board the Trans Siberian trains.

Trek through Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

If you’re trekking and mountaineering fanatic and are looking for your next climb. Then this is it for you.

Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, is definitely one of the best places to visit. If you’re planning on paying a visit to the continent of Africa, consider this.

It’s also not just for trekking fanatics, as surrounding Mount Kilimanjaro there are beautiful plains and grasslands. To get to the base of the mountain for the trek, you’ll have to go through all of these.

And then when you get there, it’s a whole world unto itself.

First of all, Mount Kilimanjaro is huge and climbing it is anything but a cakewalk. It would present a variety of obstacles that you’d have to figure your way through or around.

And the truth is that there’s no easy way to climb up this great mountain. No matter what way you select, it’s going to ask for complete engagement from your part.

Then, even before you come to the foot of this beast of a mountain. You’ll have to come through the surrounding plains, which is going to be another beautiful adventure. One thing to keep in mind is that you’ll have to take enough time through the journey.

So that you can get used to the environment to the degree you can. And after you get through it all, the beautiful snowy peaks await you up top.

Do have this adventure on your bucket list like so many people around the world.

And this Brings us to the End…

I’ve now let you know about 10 of the best places that you can visit this year. Which can truly be responsible for lasting memories throughout your life.

Let me also tell you that a lot of these places that I’ve listed here aren’t the safest.

So, for the case that you do decide to go there, do your own research about them. And take all the necessary measures of precaution. Such that you and your friends can safely enjoy the adventure together.

For some others here, you’ll get great opportunities for camping. And if such opportunities present themselves, you better be prepared with the best camping gear that you can get.

And also come back home safely after that.

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