Top Tips For Travelling With A Toddler

Going on a holiday or trip with a child of any age can be challenging. But if you’re well-prepared, travelling with a toddler doesn’t have to be a nightmare. In this blog, we share our tips for travelling with a toddler.

Make Hand Sanitiser Your Best Friend

When travelling, you’ll likely spend a lot of time in public places, from airports and train stations to public toilets and hotel lobbies. 

Unfortunately, toddlers like to touch everything! And worse still, they don’t think twice about touching their face or mouth. So, always keep hand sanitiser and wet wipes in your hand luggage. 

Avoid Having Vaccination Too Close To Travel Days

If you’re travelling to a far-flung destination, yourself and your little one may need vaccinations. However, vaccinations often have side effects including fever, fatigue and muscle aches. The last thing you want on a long-haul trip is a poorly toddler. 

Ensure you have your vaccinations early enough for your little one to overcome any side effects before your trip.

Give Yourself Plenty Of Time

When you have a toddler (or a baby for that matter), everything takes twice as long as it used to. When you’re travelling to your destination, and when you’re enjoying your holiday, always give yourself plenty of time to do anything. 

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For example, walking to the correct gate in the airport terminal will take you far longer when there’s a little one in tow. 

Pack Extra Outfits, Wipes And Pull-Ups

Just like babies, toddlers are experts at making a mess of their clothes (and yours!), which is why you should always pack a couple of extra outfits for the journey.

Unlike babies, toddlers are often going through the ‘potty-training’ stage. When travelling, you may want to use Pull-Ups, as you won’t always be able to get to a toilet in time. For example, if you’re on a flight, the Fasten Seatbelt sign may be on. Similarly, if you’re going on sightseeing excursions with your little one, there may not be public toilets available when you need them.

When you’re travelling and when you’re at your destinations, always pack extra wipes, pull-ups and a change of clothes – even if you’re just going out for the afternoon. 

Keep Your Toddler Occupied

When you’re on holiday, there’s plenty for your toddler to see and do. However, don’t forget about the long and painfully boring journey to reach your destination. Flights, train journeys and even car journeys can be incredibly boring for toddlers and adults alike. 

Keep your little one occupied by packing a couple of books and toys. Plus, download toddler-friendly games and movies onto a tablet or iPad and ensure it’s fully charged before setting off.

Take A Travel-Friendly Stroller 

Taking a  travel-friendly stroller on holiday with you might just be the smartest thing you do. Afterall, most toddlers are curious, independent little things that no longer enjoy being carried by their parents or placed in a carrier. A stroller gives your toddler somewhere comfortable to sit when they’re little legs get tired. 

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The sun, time difference and unfamiliar surroundings are sure to tire your little one out and a stroller provides a safe place to nap on those long days.

Plus, not every café and restaurant will have high-chairs available. Your stroller is a secure place for your toddler to sit when you’re enjoying lunch.

Prepare For The Weather 

We’re sure it goes without saying (but we’re going to say it anyway!), always ensure you’re prepared for the weather. 

Pack plenty of child-friendly high SPF sunscreen and don’t forget sun hats. You may also prefer a sunsafe swimsuit rather than a swimming costume or swimming trunks. Plus, insect repellent will come in handy. 

Also, ensure your toddler is drinking plenty of fluids whilst on holiday.

Continue Daily Habits And Routines 

At home, you may have established a daily routine with your toddler. When you’re on holiday, try to continue some of these daily habits. You may want to relax the rules a little bit, for example, having dinner later than usual or going to bed a little later. 

But try to keep some routines in place. For example, your toddler has a bath every night before bed when you’re at home, do the same on holiday. Keeping a little bit of routine in place will help your toddler settle.

Ensure The Accommodation Is Suitable 

When booking accommodation, there are a couple of factors you need to consider. Does the accommodation have a separate bedroom for your toddler? If your toddler is used to sleeping in their own room at home, they will struggle to sleep if they’re sharing a room. 

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Or, does the accommodation have the facilities to cook or store food. This is essential if you are still expressing breastmilk or if you’re taking baby food on your holiday with you. Plus, if your toddler is overwhelmed and tired, you may want a night in.

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