Artificial Intelligence in The Travel Sector: New Technology

Human life is always full of changes. For the better. Right from the second, the fire was invented to the mobile applications of today, mankind has always flourished as they welcomed the new tech innovations with open arms. In recent times, there are four words which are making considerable changes in the business industry. You would have guessed them by now. Yes, you are correct. They are artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cryptocurrency, and machine learning. In this article, we are going to focus on Artificial intelligence: New technology in the travel sector.

Artificial Intelligence In The Travel Sector

So, what is Artificial Intelligence?

This technology is more difficult to define. In very normal terms, it is described as machines/computer completing tasks that were till now done by humans. The jobs can be of various types, such as interpretation of speech, recognizing facial patterns and making the right decision. Hold on for some time, we are going right into the benefits of artificial intelligence in the travel sector.

It is not, that AI has become popular in only recent times. The concept and name gained prominence in 1950. But after the popularity of mobile apps, this technology gained more ground. The principles are more linked to automation, and in machine learning, do not need any type of human intervention.


1. Data Usage

In modern times, every company collects and stores a huge volume of data for further use. This gets analyzed and then used for marketing campaigns. AI is used in various tasks right from sending direct messages to solving problems to the translation of speech.

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Now, let us look into the roles of Artificial Intelligence within the Travel Industry

Case Study

Let us imagine the situation. As a tourist, you have gone to one of the resorts for entertainment. You pay the fees and enter the resort. Now, on special occasions and events, there will be more people in number. Instead of a human doing the job, how about an AI robot doing the manual task? It will do the job devoid of error and with more efficiency.

In the hospitality industry, it is hotels which bear the brunt of customers if there is a lack of proper service. With AI technology, customers can expect to get a personalized experience, fast response to their queries & doubts and take correct decisions even devoid of human interference.


2. Machine Learning

While artificial intelligence uses algorithms to complete simple jobs, machine learning makes use of artificial neural networks to learn from every incident. Please note, AI is a part of machine learning.

Examples of AI In the Travel Sector

Yes, AI has been implemented with great benefits in the travel sector. Now let us focus on the benefits

A. Chatbots

Mention chatbots, and you are automatically reminded of customer care service in banks and BPOs. But in the travel sector, it is hotels which are making use of chatbots to give fast response to customer and tourist queries. As of now, chatbots are more used in sending apt responses in social media channels and in messaging apps.

Imagine the savings in manual labor and time. These chatbots are programmed to solve simple queries, and they do not need to rest or take leave. On the other, if they are not able to solve an issue, the call automatically gets transferred to a human. And Chatbots, you guessed it right, work on the principle of artificial intelligence. This is one benefit of artificial intelligence in the travel industry.

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Personalized Service

The era is of personalized service and fast response. Customers expect nothing but the best from a company, in terms of products and service. And when it comes to the travel industry, where the revenue comes from visitors and foreign travelers, AI implementation has become a must.


B. Face-to-Face Customer Service

Artificial intelligence in the human industry has added another benefit by humanoid robots. These robots can interact with humans and give the perfect answer to the queries. For example, Connie, the AI robot in Hilton hotels can provide information to any query asked by customers. And since it is a product of machine learning, it learns from every interaction.

The same goes for robots who work in desks. They can book flights, rent cars and even bargain for the best price with travel agents.


C. AI Robots helping humans

At present, you can find robots in cruises. The best example is of the Bionic bar in The Royal Caribbean Cruise. Let us imagine, you have booked a five-star hotel in Bangalore. Before the stay, you may be requested to complete a questionnaire about your preferences and expectations. Now, the document gets scanned by the AI, and based on its recommendations, the hotel staff may draw a plan to give you the best customer experience. Now, imagine if the task is done by humans. He/she has to sit through thousands of applications, and there are chances that the suggestion may go wrong. But with AI, you can rely on precision.

Case Study

Shall we take an example? You have stayed at a five-star hotel in Bangalore. Now, in the questionnaire, you are asked to choose between North Indian food and South Indian recipes for lunch. You ticked South Indian. For components in dishes, you ticked spicy. Now the AI when scanning the application will notice the two points and suggest the right recipes for your lunch. It may also send an alert to the chef to prepare dishes in a certain way. This is one aspect where Artificial Intelligence has helped the Travel industry.

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Conclusion – Artificial Intelligence in Travel Sector

Have you completed reading the article of Artificial intelligence in the travel sector? We have given only three important benefits of this technology. Now, there is also another way, the AI helps the travel industry. Let us take a case study. You are from Spain and have come to Bangalore on a tourist visa. You hire a bike for travel via the hotel and roam around Bangalore. Suddenly, the bike stops and refuses to move forward. What will you do in such a situation? Enter AI to the rescue. Immediately download one of the home maintenance company apps and search for the best bike assistance service in Bangalore. Through AI, you can get the best bike mechanics in Bangalore near your location. Book a service, and the bike mechanic will come to your present location to fix the problem. You can solve the challenge with this method.

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