3 Valuable Reasons to Choose Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina over The Creek

Dhow cruises are offered on both Dubai Marina and Dubai creek, the two most prominent areas of Dubai. To clarify, Dubai has no natural water body. Dubai Marina is the artificial canal with dhow cruises which symbolize the traditional use of dhows for transportation, and have now been turned into luxurious cruises.

Dubai Creek is the older part of Dubai presenting the traditional overview and historic significance of Dubai. Here you get a chance to explore the cultural heritage of Dubai, including a visit to Dubai Museum in Al-Fahidi Fort and Spice Souk, where you find traditional Dubai spices.

Dubai Marina is the newer and modern part of Dubai. Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina was not there until a decade ago. People who took Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek have already experienced the old Dubai with some historic architecture and food.

Therefore, the local residents or the tourists who have been to Dubai some years ago have a totally new experience when they visit Dubai now. This is one of the many reasons to choose Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina over the Creek. The three other major reasons are:

Views and Sceneries

What makes a Dubai Marina tour more attractive is the modern-day architecture of Dubai representing style, luxury, modernity and opulence, which is what Dubai is known for.

The spectacular view along the coastal waters of Dubai Marina includes Dubai’s skyscrapers and unending heights, including Infinity Tower, Ocean Heights, Marina Pinnacle, Sulafa Tower, Marina Towers, Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis and Emirates Mall. Apart from this, there will be a number of luxury yachts sailing around you, providing you the sense of novelty and royalty.

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Also, these buildings are totally lit up at night to present an even more luxurious view of modern Dubai. It is surrounded by Promenade on either sides. People are seen enjoying in the outdoors of nearby cafes. The bridges and cars passing by above you is quite a cool experience.

Comparatively, Creek has a limited number of architectural views to offer with only the Sheraton and Dubai Municipality building. Unfortunately, these buildings can neither be classified as modern nor historic.

Setup and Environment

The setup that Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina offers is relatively calmer and more appealing than that of Dubai Creek. Dubai Marina is known for its quiet yet busy life. The atmosphere feels totally different with the new things Dubai has to offer.

Dubai Marina gives you the spectacular views of its skyline and skyscrapers in a relaxing environment. It has a relatively peaceful ambience. There are just a small number of fishing boats, private yachts and other dhow cruises sailing around you in the Marina.

On the other hand, Dubai Creek has a great hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are a lot of cargo ships and barges at the ports, in addition to other small and large boats. It has an ambience and rush of a commercial area.

Moreover, Dubai Creek has about 30-35 Dhow cruises to offer, which definitely has lowered the quality. There is no check on the maintenance of standards. Whereas, only 8-10 Dhow cruises in Dubai Marina provides for the competition among the companies owning them, and so each of them tries to maintain the best possible standards.

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A fair assessment would be that Dubai Marina has to offer a much better service and environment as compared to Dubai Creek.

Delivering Right According to the Cost

It is a fact that Dhow cruises at Dubai Marina have a much higher price than those at the Creek. A Dhow cruise with dinner costs you around $20-25 at the Creek, while the same thing costs double or more at the Marina.

But the customer service, quality, ambience, food and experience Dubai Marina offers is worth the price. You won’t regret spending more for the superior luxury. The people who have been there always speak highly of their experience without any regret of spending so much money.


The winner of the debate is obviously the Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina. It offers you to see the beautiful architecture of Dubai at various times of the day i.e. daylight, sunset or at night, along with live music and dinner.

After going through this review of both the Dhow cruise sailing areas in Dubai, hopefully now it would be easier for you to choose the one that matches your taste. In the end, its your own choice.

However, we recommend the sightseeing and royal dinner at the Marina if you want to have the most memorable experience of your life. In our view, its a great experience at the Dubai creek, whereas its an unforgettable experience at the Dubai Marina.

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