Dangerous roads in Ireland, getting on driver’s nerves

Ireland is a pack of scenic beauty some of which is untouched and left to its natural beauty. This unexplored natural beauty can be risky to view when visited via road. The dangerous corners, sharp turns, steep inclines, narrow approach road, bumpy road and much more can be encountered while visiting famous tourist attractions in Ireland. As per a recent survey, the most popular tourist attractions in Ireland have found to be approachable via most dangerous roads.  Some of the dangerous roads to drive in Ireland are listed below:

  • Cliffs of Moher, Clare: It is a worth visiting place of Ireland which needs no introduction. A popular tourist attraction for viewing a long belt of mesmerizing cliffs is also risky as the landslides in the area make the cliff edges unstable warning visitors to stay a lot behind the cliff edges.
  • Corkscrew Hill, Clare: It is another dangerous road in Clare. It has the hairpin bend to test the driver’s skill. Mark your speed while traveling on the road.
  • The Gap of Dunloe, Kerry: Bumps, hairpin bends, narrow traps, congestion are the challenges travelers meet at this road making it dangerous for driving.
  • Longford and Monaghan: Statistics claim that the counties of Longford and Monaghan have the most dangerous roads in Ireland as they experience the maximum number of fatal accidents.
  • Old Military Road, Wicklow: Blind spots and windy corners are the chief threats at the road. Bogs in the surrounding area are a hindrance to facilitate the smooth road.
  • Conor Pass, Dingle Peninsula: One of the most dangerous roads of Europe and highest public road in Ireland is very narrow to throb your heart often worrying about how will you give way if a car comes from the opposite direction. The steep valleys shaped by glaciers can shake your legs. So, if you have chosen the way to move on, just focus on the road and keep driving vigilantly.
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Irrespective of the fact that above roads are dangerous, domestic and international tourists travel to these roads for viewing the natural beauty resting in the lap of Ireland. If you are also planning a road trip to any of these locations, not to lose heart because of the risk attached to driving on these roads, instead it is better to drive extra cautiously. Do not exhibit your driving skills and confidence by over-speeding, flaunting a rash drive in the name of fun. It could be risky for you, your passengers and other people on the road. Remember, life is precious and we should cherish it.

While driving to any of the above dangerous roads in Ireland or even to any safe road in Ireland, it is advisable to take all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of yourself, your friends or family while driving and traveling. These safety measures including following rules and regulations, driving within the speed limit, using seat belts, giving proper indication while driving, lane driving, etc. In addition to adopting safety measures do not miss to buy car insurance Ireland as car insurance covers you against many risks involved with driving. Car insurance in Ireland can support the insured financially in case of damage to the car, injury to the driver/passengers, third party claims made after an accident, etc. Car insurance Ireland also covers the losses to the car due to fire, theft or other unseen threats. Thus, car insurance in Ireland enhances your driving experience by giving you coverage against risks attached to driving.

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Just like you would like to drive to a place after being well prepared about the place, you would certainly like to drive a car which is well prepared and secure, by way of regular maintenance and apt car insurance Ireland, to set out with you on a trail irrespective of driving challenges.

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