Just how do you enjoy your rice? Wet? Soggy? Pasty? Like a glob? Exactly how many times has your rice turned out as such?

Every cook can look back and laugh at mistakes produced in the kitchen. (We’ve found it is better to laugh than cry.) Our family grew up eating potatoes as a main staple more often than rice. My mother never taught me the best way to cook rice.

My Mum came to be in North Dakota where the temperatures fell to forty below zero in their extremely chilly winters. The land agent did not tell them that farmers generally had a great harvest every five years. Nevertheless, growing potatoes was one crop that did quite nicely, consequently their family ate potatoes instead of rice, which they cannot raise.

In the north where we grew up rice was have more as a dessert than as a basic. My mum used to create a delicious rice pudding, and we served it in our Pennsylvania Dutch style cooking restaurant in Michigan at the same time. It went over big!

Should you have just about any questions regarding where as well as the way to utilize black and decker steamer recipes, you’ll be able to call us on the web-page. How can you like to own an electric rice cooker where the rice comes out dry and flaky every time? The electric rice cooker is a fantastic add-on to the kitchen and prevents numerous flops! We enjoyed it so well we gave one to our daughter and two daughters in law for Christmas the following year.

You are able to cook plain rice or you also may add celery, onions, or other seasonings together with the rice when you initially begin it. You can serve the rice right from the cooker, or you also can utilize it in casserole dishes, etc. We have a rice casserole that we appreciate greatly, also it’s even better made with the nice, dry, flaky rice that results when utilizing the cooker.

Hence think about the price for an electric rice cooker really worth the investment.

We are Mennonite folk who have been cooking for over 50 years.

We did a large amount of entertaining for the church. We also owned a restaurant in Michigan and specialized in Pennsylvania Dutch cooking.