Consumption of wine can affect your eyes and this is the conclusion revealed by the reporter of The Daily Telegraph who reported that resveratrol, the antioxidant substance of red wine, has the ability to protect our vessels of blood and mainly of our eyes and this could be the reason that we are protected from getting our vision loss in our older age.

The story is of a small mouse, on which the scientists tried their research and tried to find out if resveratrol can control the unusual growth of vessels of blood in the eye. Giving the essence to that mice that had injured eyes, it appeared to reduce the irregular expansion of vessels of blood .and thus the research work ended with the conclusion that resveratrol is the agent that can be used in the cases of the human body too.

However, the length of the way is very long to identify if resveratrol should be used to take care of the diseases of the human eye. It is not a desirable or realistic decision to have more drink of red wine to increase the level of resveratrol in our body. Those mice were provided a high amount of the essence, and its equivalent proportion for the human body would be more than what could be found in many wine glasses. If the case were to be tested in the human body, it would be the wrong decision.

What kind of research was this?

This experimental study of animal tried to investigate the potential achievement of resveratrol on the development of the vessels of blood in mice. And we know that Resveratrol is a compound that is produced by plants. The existence of this compound in Sokolin Wines (red) is due to the skin of the grape that is found in red wine.

Some animal studies have recommended that the composition may have different benefits for our health, and these benefits also include the prevention of Alzheimer’s illness, obesity, and tumors, and also the anti-aging process. However, it is very unfortunate that not a single of these results has been established for humans.

The researchers were concerned about the effects of resveratrol on the expansion of vessels of blood and pointed out that all the unusual growth of vessels of blood is the fundamental to several other diseases, together with some eye disease.

The study shows that if resveratrol were effective in the eye treatment of the human body, it would have taken many steps to test the safety and effectiveness in the trials on human.

So, it the fact that though the scientists have admitted the beneficial effect of resveratrol on the human body, yet they are not sure about the effect of this agent on human eyes. Rather some schools show the ill-effects of wine on human eyes and confirm that.

Drink in moderation

Our general visual presentation may be distorted since heavy drinking impairs the function of our brain. You may face the blurred vision or sometime the problem of double vision because of your weakened muscles of the eye. You may also have delayed responses while you are driving.

A transport driver who has been taking alcohol cannot acclimatize the approaching headlights quickly, and thus they face sudden accident at the time of driving. Your peripheral vision may be badly affected by wine and alcohol can change your sensitivity of contrast.

The toxic effects of alcohol often give sudden vision loss to our eyes also. So, be it a glass of red wine or not you should have your alcoholic drink with moderation.

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