Best Places to Travel to with a Group of Friends

In my young life as a traveling enthusiast, I’ve found that nothing much beats the thrill & excitement of vacationing with your friends. Sure there are the endless jabs and fun pokes at each other that you need to deal with! And, of course, the crazed morning pillow fights to contend with. But it is precisely these fun things that make one’s friendship bonds stronger. So whenever some of my friends are embroiled in a squabble, the first thing that I suggest to ‘clean the air’ is an offshore trip. And the farther the place from our hometown, the better! And for this purpose, I always keep my mobile Trip Advisor account handy. With my Frontier Online Deals account, the app provides a nifty solution for booking airline tickets on-the-go.

On the Personal Benefits of Traveling

As I’ve often discovered to my credit, traveling is a hugely cathartic exercise. And its psychological effects are even more profoundly remarkable. Visiting new places causes the brain to go while coming across new cultures broadens it. After you come back from a holiday in a distant location, you often find that your entire mindset has changed. And for the better!

You no longer hold the prejudices and misconceptions that you once used to. And you gain a more relaxed outlook to life in general. This aspect of traveling is particularly useful for the working population, who oftentimes desperately need a fresh start in their lives.

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Experiencing the Local Delicacies & Sights

On a personal note, I always get a great kick out of trying out different ethnic cuisines when I travel overseas. And fully immerse me in the local cultures, of course. Because you really can’t gain full international experience without having sipped some local wine. Or having danced to some cultural ‘folk’ music. Or even engaging in a strange religious ritual – particularly of the gory, animal-sacrificing, sort!

As you’ll find out by reading my narration below, I had the most immersive inter-cultural experience on a chance trip to Morocco. In particular, I – along with my less tradition-oriented friends – was hugely struck by the way the locals balanced their customs with modernity. The impressive Moroccan architecture, coupled with the delicious local cuisine and hospitable social norms, presents a striking real-life analogy to this effect.

The Four Places You Need to Visit with Your Friends

If you’re looking for a good time this summer – along with the company of your friends – then you really should consider the following four traveling destinations. Since I’ve been there myself (on several occasions, actually), I can promise that you’ll have a blast!

  1. Amritsar, India

As the site of the famed Sikh Golden Temple, Amritsar is a town in Indian Punjab that is regularly buzzing with a lot of religious activity. And the landscape of the place is quite interesting as well.

Being a historical farming city, Amritsar has still managed to retain the signs of its agricultural heritage well into the modern age. At the same time, the city practically bustles with a great deal of industrial concerns – featured by busy working professionals making their way on the city’s roads.

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On a recent visit to the place, I had great fun bathing in the sacred waters of the Golden Temple. And in cleansing my palate on the huge masala dosas offered by street vendors.

  1. Paris, France

They don’t call Paris the ‘City of Love’ without good reason – as I discovered only 2 months ago when I paid the place a visit. Most Parisians love their city’s architecture and are quick to point foreigners to the famed Eiffel Tower complex. But my recollections of the heart of France are different.

I, for one, remember the enchanting smells of the city more than its sprawling buildings. And the delicious scent of the locally baked French bread had a lot to do with this recollection.

  1. Kalaam, Pakistan

Pakistan has suffered from a bad rap in the news media lately – something owed in large part to the country’s turbulent sociopolitical situation. But despite its many problems, the country boasts some of the most breathtaking natural scenery in the world. The Kalaam valley, located in the country’s northern-most KPK province, is a fitting example of this.

But if you’re thinking about traveling there, consider booking a plane ride in the summers. Because the valley is mostly closed to visitors for a greater part of the snowing winter and fall seasons.

  1. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

I have a particular fascination for Arab cuisine – and particularly the variety that is regularly consumed in Saudi Arabia. And it is because of this reason why I’ve added Jeddah – a port town in this country – to my list.

The only issue with visiting Saudi Arabia is having to stick with the strict dressing and no-alcohol code. But other than that, the place is a blast!

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Before visiting a new place, I usually take care to browse some pictures of it through my Frontier Internet plan. But if you’re someone who likes to revel in the unexpected, I would suggest skipping any such exercise.

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