5 Great Reasons Why Carlow is One of the Best Counties in Ireland

Carlow may be the second smallest county in Ireland but many travellers would always find plenty of great reasons to fall in love with this tiny, little state. Aside from playing a major role in the country’s history ‒ as it served as Ireland’s capital back in the 14th century  ‒ the county is loved by numerous foreign and local visitors for its long list of impressive things and activities to offer. From the rich culture and meandering history to the tranquil charms of its attractions, we tried to put together all the significant factors that manifest the cream of the so-called Dolmen County. 

So, if you ever decide to take an Ireland tour, you’ll definitely regret going back home without paying a visit to one of its best-featuring cities. Let me tell you the reasons why Carlow is one of Ireland’s bests and why considering it as a detour from other most travelled roads is truly fallacious. 


The county boasts for its historical gems.

The conservation of the county’s most iconic historical gems only shows how the Carlow people honour and value all these structures and monuments that made a huge contribution to the county’s history and development. Some of these historical gems include the Browne’s Hill Dolmen, Borris House, Rock of Dunamase, Carlow Castle, and many more. 

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The Browne’s Hill Dolmen, as you see on the above picture, is said to be the largest dolmen found in the island, made up of solid granite capstone that weighs around a hundred and fifty tons. Borris House, on the other hand, is only half-an-hour ride away from Browne’s Hill Dolmen. The prehistoric house served as the ancestral home of the Irish Politician Arthur MacMurrough Kavanagh and his dynasty. More than that, the house was known as one of the finest country houses surrounded by breathtaking sceneries found in the county. 

Moving forward to an hour away ride from the Borris House, the Rock of Dunamase features the old castle ruins that are said to be a thousand years old. The place occupies a high position that allows visitors to witness the panoramic view of the surrounding countryside at the outskirts of town. Spend another thirty-minute ride and you’ll get to the famous Carlow Castle which has stood for centuries now. Although, some parts of the castle were already destroyed due to failure of reconstruction attempt in the 19th century. You can easily spend less than a day of visit to these historical structures, especially if you book at the county’s travel websites for hotels and accommodation.       

It’s the home of Chocolate Garden. 

The Chocolate Garden of Ireland is a go-to attraction for chocoholics. It is an award-winning chocolate and ice cream factory for offering not only the best sweet delights in town but also for implementing some interactive programs and events that allow the visitors to experience mould making and decorating their own chocolate creation.   

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Carlow offers an enticing nature.  

Every county in Ireland is filled with different inviting gardens and meadows that are close to nature but not as enticing as what you’ll find in County Carlow. The county is also home to gentle-flowing rivers and garden fields, representing a haven for peace and tranquillity. River Barrow is one of the three sistering rivers in Ireland including River Suir and River Nore. But what makes Barrow leading is the fact that it is the longest of the three rivers, making a significant waterway to the important river ports in the county. When it comes to garden fields, Delta Sensory Gardens is the place to be. The garden is a 2.5-acre field of sixteen interconnecting gardens. Nestled in the garden is the centre that sells plants, garden furniture, and tools.     

It offers the best hotel deals. 

The best way to plan for an Ireland trip is by finding a great deal for accommodation. Good news, looking for the best accommodation won’t be a problem because the county offers only the best luxury hotel deals within your budget. You can explore numerous guest reviews and compare different prices and promotions for holiday flights and hotel deals on travel sites.  


It celebrates an annual arts festival. 

Witnessing the annual arts festival in County Carlow is perfect for travellers with in-depth appreciation to artful creations and musical performances. The festival is a week-long celebration of artwork from different national and international artists that usually runs every Summer. The festival is hosting some free events including the festival premiers, world-class gigs and shows, and the exciting visual arts display.  

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Author Bio: Sarah Contreras is a full-time travel blogger which means writing adventures, travel spots, and accommodation reviews is her bread and butter.  She currently writes for Woodford Dolmen Carlow, the city’s most ideal accommodation for weddings, business, and leisure.


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