Longboarding is fun and is somewhat similar to skating. Skating is a very popular sport, Longboard is just a faster version, promising more thrill. Cruising or going on the joyous ride down the hills, the Longboard skateboards are the best choice. Longboarding is mostly done by school and college students, so a Longboard skateboard needs to be safe and sturdy, the length adds on to it.

Longboarding On The Beach

Longboard skateboards are mainly used for cruising, rides down hills and as a mode of conveyance. Longboarding on the beach is a very enjoyable outdoor sport. They mostly measure from 42” to 46” in length. The wheels are soft and range from 65-70mm, it has unique trucks which are 1800mm.

The main attribute that the longboard skateboards have is the length. Longboard skateboards which have length of 40’’- 46’’ is best suited for downhill longboarding. This is the size which enhances stability and safety. While longboarding, it is very necessary to have control over the speed limits on the hills, the long length ensures that.

Longboard skateboards which have a length up to 60’’are suitable for cross-stepping and hanging ten. Longboard skateboards are almost the same as ordinary skateboards which are in regular use. The only difference is the length and width. The base is wide and wheels large, thus making it a thing of balance.

Size, shape and mostly the material, wood is the core material which is used in making a Longboard skateboard. Finer quality longboard skateboard comprises of wooden planks which are delicate and thin, these are mixed all together to make a strong and hardboard.

With modern technology, longboard skateboards have also gone through major changes which promise more safety and stability. Resins and wooden glues are often used these days to give a finer touch. Fiberglass is sometimes used to render more stability.

Variety of shapes is found ranging from flat to concave in the market dealing with these boards.

Longboarding is an art and needs knowledge about the tricks which comes from regular practice and skills. While choosing a longboard for riding on beach one has to keep in mind a few of these points-

  • Size of the board
  • The shape of the board
  • Base material used
  • Balanced wheel structure
  • Axles

Longboard skateboards do a multidimensional task, with its long length it helps in taking big curvy turns helping the rider to be confident in all aspect. Gravity board decks and surf longboard decks are used for riding and transportation purpose. Longboard skateboards have bearing made up of steel but modern longboards also use ceramic for improved quality as it prevents rust.

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