Desert Safari Deals Best Deals For Best Experience

Visiting Dubai is one in the lifetime achievement for any common man. A person who saves pennies to plan a single trip for his life.  He wishes that he found the best experience in the prescribed budget. As you know that Dubai is a huge destination for tourists and ranked top as a tourist destination.

Dubai is a desert city and the culture of that area resides inside the sand of the Dubai desert. There are a lot of things to do in the desert of Dubai.  But as the rule of services, you have to pay for everything. Smartness is that you will try to get more while paying less.

In Dubai, hundreds of agencies are providing packages for desert safari and other notable tourism things. But the enjoyment items are not balanced. If they are providing a high number of items then the quality of services is below standard. If they are offering high quality then the items are less. And I am sure that you are not willing to repent that you miss something while you were in the city.

To avoid this mourn you select Desert Safari Deals that includes each and everything which you heard from others and experience them personally.


SUV Desert tour:

First of all our trained driver will pick you from the terminal and gave you an exciting off-road track drive in the desert of Dubai and take on the ups and downs,  Lefts and right, North and south on the sand dunes of Dubai desert. This adventure ride may disturb your stomach but you will definitely enjoy the thrill and adventure.

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Driving on the soft sand is a skillful and dangerous task which can be only done by experienced & obviously enthusiastic people. Our drivers are highly skillful and enthusiastic they know every inch of desserts and sand dunes of Dubai they know where to drive and where not where you feel thrilled and where you feel fear, they will definitely thrill you not fear.

Camel ride:

Camel is a vital part of desert life. Maximum transportation and traveling through deserts were done by camels in the past. Camels not only use for trade and transportation they were the need of people residing in the desert.

As technology limits the use of camels in deserts. More means of transportations are developed to travel in the deserts one of them is mentioned above but the camel is not just an animal for Arabs. It is a culture and their lifestyle but for the foreigners, it is once in lifetime achievement. Riding a camel is a thrilling and enthusiastic experience and also a very demanding item for desert safari deals. We provide you a simple ride as well as a Mehmil Ride. Mehfil is an aid used for ladies traveling to ensure the cover.

Night camp:

After full day excitement and travelling you need to get rest. But where? It is a valid question raised in the mind of yours. We have a great answer for you, A “NIGHT CAMP”. Clear horizon, silent surrounding and sand dunes. Is it not perfect stay? Definitely it is. We will provide you best camping site with luxurious services layered with stunning surprises.

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Multicultural cuisines including in your package. Night bonfire and traditional rituals will mesmerize you and make your trip a tremendous memory for your lifetime. Besides this all, you will witness the culture and tradition of Arabic Hospitality along with food music and Dance.

Beautiful Girls wearing bedlah moving their bellies on the mesmerizing symphonies of daff and qanun will hypnotize you. You will start believing the myths of Arabian nights.

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