Most Beautiful Cold Places You Can Visit This Summer

We love the early part of the summer season. That cool breeze in the early morning makes it really difficult to leave the beds. You get to wear all kinds of dresses and eat chilled foods. Summer evenings are also lovely as summers are an aesthetic and beautiful break from the winters. But, once the temperatures rise, it becomes tough. In India, summers are becoming too hot and unbearable, so this summer season, plan an exciting getaway. We have compiled a list of the coldest places in the world that are also the most beautiful ones. You can plan an amazing tour there and enjoy some chills to soothe that summer heat.
So, here we go!

Denali in the USA:

Does the word ‘Denali’ ring a bell? It belongs to the Twilight series. Going by the name of Mt. Mckinley, this is one of the coldest mountainous landscapes on the earth. The snow-covered mountains overlooking the green forests are simply awesome. The winters sometimes get really severe here. This should be in your travel plan as this is one of the best places to be if you are an adventurous person. Mountain Climbing, Camping, Forest Trails and Winter Sports are some exciting activities. If you are planning for an adventurous trip, you can check out for the best flights. You can use the Spicejet coupon code and enjoy your summers at Denali this year.

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Though the whole nation is full of exciting and wonderful places, the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is the jewel. It has everything – water bodies, mountains, plateaus, and valleys. You can enjoy many adventure activities here. Hiking, mountain climbing, camping, mountain trails and exploring the wildlife – the list is amazing.

Eureka in Canada:

Canada is also a beautiful place that has plenty of nature and plenty of snow. Well, the place we are suggesting is a weather station. You don’t have many companies here except for the staff. However, it is a good place to explore in peace and enjoy. You get to reflect on your life and goals clearly. Some days spent aloof will work magic on your city-life tired nerves. Believe us, you will be returning reenergized and rejuvenated. Exploring the wilderness of Canada is also an amazing option. You can make the trip easier on your budget with the use of EaseMyTrip offers and coupons for bookings.


The country offers scenic and breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. The forests and meadows are covered in snow and ice. The icicles are hanging on the trees. You will feel as if you are in some magical winter wonderland. Every setting will seem just out of the Frozen movie. You can enjoy an exciting reindeer ride on the sleigh as well. Famous by the name of Santa’s Home, Rovaniemi is a must-visit place. Here you can enjoy all kinds of winter sports. And, to make the place even more exciting, there is Aurora Borealis. Yes, you can see it here.

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Apart from offering some really delicious baked goodies and enjoyable brews, Sweden is full of beauty. You can enjoy the Appalachian Trail views and rides. The pull-cart rides and winter sports are available for the adventurers. Witnessing the beauty of snow-covered mountains all the while sipping on a hot chocolate in your winter resort will remove all traces of summers from your mind. The King’s Trail or Kungsleden is one magical place that you must visit.

Leh and Ladakh:

Both these places are holy places for adventure seekers. A thrilling motorbike tour or exciting 4X4 ride on the serpentine roads is simply amazing. You can enjoy the wonderful views all around. Leh and Ladakh are home to some of the most exquisite sceneries. You will never stop clicking pictures. From the arid to the snow-covered parts, you get abundant of things to witness. Plan a stay at some resort with a pool area with glass-walls. Enjoy a hot bath all the while admiring the scenery all around.


There is much more to Georgia than just snow. You can find exciting waterfalls, mystic ancient monasteries and chapels, and exciting adventures. Camping and Forest Trailing in Svaneti will be an amazing experience. Mountain Biking; Heli-Skiing; Skiing; Trekking and hiking – you can do everything here. Georgia is home to a wonderful wilderness and has loads of history. You can also stay at the resorts at the foothills of Mount Kazbegi. The views of the snow-covered mountain become scintillating in the nights.

So, pick one of them and have a great summer ahead!

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