How to Explain ACCRA Tourist Guide in 8 Simple Steps

Accra is buzzing seaside capital of Ghana, proffers shopping, modern lifestyle and vibrant nightlife to rival any Western metropolis. Accra is perfect amalgamation of British, Dutch, Danish and West African flavor with abundant of gorgeous cultural attractions.  You can enjoy local cultural scene with everything from traditional song and enchanting dance to modern clubs with old to latest live music. Accra offers tourist to explore traditional crafts and cutting edge contemporary fashion. If you’re planning to visit Accra next, let us to be your tourist guide.

  1. How to get to Accra?

Accra is well connected to the world and reaching this mesmerizing city is pretty easy no matter from where you belong. Flying is the major and most used way to reach Accra from UK. Kotoka International Airport is situated about 6 miles from the city center and serves around 2.5 million passengers every year. New international terminal opened recently with modern facilities. From airport to the city you can hire a taxi that will cost you about 7 Ghanaian cedi.

  1. How to find the Best Flights Deals to Accra?

Though there are few direct flights available from UK to Accra, still you can get cheap deal if you know when to book and go. Ghana cheap flights has only one international airport but still you can get there by using nearby airports. The best way to find cheap flights is to plan your trip ahead, especially when you’re travelling during the popular winter months. Flexibility with dates is key factor in acquiring best possible deals.

  1. Optimum flight times from UK airports to Accra will be:

From London: 6 hours 30 mins

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From Manchester: 9 hours (there is no direct flights available to Accra from Manchester airport)

From Birmingham: 9 hours 35 mins (no direct flights)

From Glasgow: 10 hours (no direct flights)

From Newcastle: 9 hours 35 mins (no direct flights)

From Edinburgh: 9 hours 50 mins (no direct flights are available)

  1. Where to stay in Accra?

Accra is busy city with so many options to sojourn. Stay at Soriania Hotel to experience the stylish, modern side of Accra or at Afia Beach Hotel endeavors a waterside comfort and provide you options to choose room or bungalow. Other notorious neighborhoods in Accra include The Beach, Central Accra and West Accra. Central Accra is the historic heart of the city and has many hotels, always occupied with tourists. National Museum, Independence Square and many other attractions makes this part worthy. West Accra is modern side of the city where you’ll find lively business district including the new West Hills Mall. Labadi Beach is probably the most highlighted feature of Accra, lined with restaurants, bars and nightclubs.

  1. Most Booked Hotels in Accra

Some of the most booked hotels in Accra include:

  • Movenpick Ambassador Hotel Accra
  • Labadi Beach Hotel
  • Roots Hotel Apartment by Roots
  • Best Western Premier Accra Airport Hotel
  • The African Regent Hotel
  • Peduase Valley Resort
  1. When to visit Accra?

Accra has two rainy seasons and temperature does not change a great deal throughout the year, hovering between 25 to 30 degrees. Mostly temperature is hot and humid that’s the reasons many tourist prefer to visit this enthralling place between November and April when the temperature are coolest. Furthermore, this is the best time to explore the countryside or to go on safari. High summer is dry and warm and the rain fall between May and July and in October.

  1. Where to Eat?

Accra is home to Japanese, Spanish, French and many African-themed restaurants. Here is our list of comprising some topnotch restaurants in Accra.

  • BREAD& WINE: Most expensive but exceptional place to dine in. the classically French cuisine with a la carte menu is perfect for candlelit suppers and celebratory dinners.
  • Kaya Energy Bar & Design: Specialize in creating divine dishes and drinks using raw ingredients. They believe food should be enjoyed raw so no nutrients lost in the cooking process. Perfect for conscious foodies! Enjoy raw food creation and grilled seafood dishes in relaxing outdoor garden setting.
  • Santoku: A treat for Japanese cuisine lovers. Enjoy the vibrant menu of seafood, sashimi, tempura and crisp salads. Don’t forget to taste Santoku signature dish of pan-fried scallops with foie gras and orange tobiko.
  • Buka: A truly African restaurant, serves variety of fusion dishes from Ghana, Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, Nigeria and Senegal.  Try their delicious fresh fish soup, grilled guinea fowl, jollof rice and fried plantain.
  • Shaka Zulu: Simply, the best nightlife venue in Accra. Shaka Zulu is a bar, club and a restaurant as well.
  • Toro: The very first tapas bar in Accra. An authentic Spanish restaurant proffers mouthwatering paellas and delicious tapas. Enjoy the live music on Thursday evening while feasting beef in blue cheese, aubergine chips and spicy garlic prawns.
  1. What to do in Accra?

Here comes the real fun, Accra is colorful coastline that offers so many things to do. Some of the must visit places include:

  • Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum: A memorial park and mausoleum, in the remembrance of Doctor Kwame Nkrumah, one of the founding fathers of Ghana and the first president of country. Located in the central Accra. It incorporates five acres of landscaped parkland along with a museum featuring exhibits on his life and the intertwined story of Ghana’s foundation. Beautiful piece of architect clad in Italian  marble and takes the shape of a sword turned upside down, considered a symbol of peace. This historical site is must visit place, surrounded by pools containing many ornamental sculptures with fountains.
  • Labadi Beach: Also known as La Pleasure Beach is the most populas beach in Ghana. Characterized by fine sand and warm waters along with many fun activities including swimming, horseback riding, water sports and sunning.
  • Aburi Botanical Garden: If you want to see the true rural Ghana, this is a perfect spot. Enjoy the different environments including horticulture school, rock garden and the palm walk. Renting a bicycle or hiking is available activities. Picnic area and concessions are also available for day trips.
  • Makola Market: Perfect place for one stop shopping, you can buy everything from household goods to clothing, electronics, jewelry and even car parts. Makola Market is major shopping district and marketplace in Ghana. Save few hours for this place to walk through the entire market to make most of the shopping opportunities. Food stalls are available for refueling along the way.
  • Goethe-Institut: It is the cultural arm of the German government in Ghana as well as popular event venue in cheap flights to Accra from UK. Don’t miss the market on the first Saturday in the month to enjoy the fresh pasta and organic vegetables to paintings and handicrafts. To add icing on your visit cake, there is a small biergarten-style restaurant selling German beer, sauerkraut and bratwurst.
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