Some Unique Experiences That Only India Can Offer

Vacation is all about creating unique experiences that would be in your memory for very long. India is a land of romance, natural beauty, art, culture and some exotic experiences.

If you are planning to choose India as your next vacation spot, you need to know some the unique experiences that this land can offer.

1. Staying Palaces

Do you want to stay like a royal heir? There are a lot of royal palaces that are converted into heritage hotels. You can spend your time in the room that was meant for kings and queens. These heritage hotels have conserved the royal look and decor of these palaces. You would feel like you are living in a page of history book. There are a lot of castles and palaces around the world but, living in a palace is like a fairytale dream come true. You will find most of the royal heritages in Desert State Rajasthan.

Staying Palaces in Rajasthan

2. Boat Rides on Backwaters

Riding a boat on a backwater in Kerala might sound something similar to Venice. But, the natural beauty on the sides of the backwaters makes it a wonderful sight. You can find lush coconut groves, paddy fields and a lot of other natural attractions on the sides of the backwaters. Riding on a boathouse would be one of the most unique and interesting experience in India.

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Kerala Backwaters

3. Luxury Train

India has the most popular luxury trains to experience the most luxurious journeys in India. Palace on Wheels, Maharaja Express, Deccan Odyssey and The Golden Chariot are the most popular luxury trains in the world operating in India which has onboard luxury amenities like Dining Car, Bar, Gym, Spa, and Royal Suites etc. These trains offer 4 – 8 Days royal journeys offers South and North India Regions.

Luxury Train India

4. Elephant Camp

The most unique element of the country is elephant. This mammal is found only in a few places in the world and India is one among them. There are elephant camps in Kerala and Karnataka where you can feed them, bathe them, play with the cubs, and ride on them and so on. You can spend a whole day with elephants. There are many national parks in the country that offers elephant safaris too.

Elephant Camp Kerala

5. Watching Tiger

You need to come to India to watch tigers. May it be the snow leopard in Leh Ladakh Region or Bengal tiger; you can have some unique experiences. There are a lot of tiger reserves that are converted into national parks. If you visit during the end of winter season, you can find a lot of tigers with their cubs. You can also find a lot of tigers during summer season as the animals would come to quench their thirst in any lake or pond inside the national park.

Snow Leopard Ladakh

6. Yoga and Meditation

There are a lot of places that are dedicated for yoga, meditation and rejuvenation in India. Top places are Rishikesh, Dharamshala, Pondicherry and others. You can stay in ashrams and follow their guidelines. A lot of people visit these places for healing and for de-stressing. You cannot find such places commonly outside India.

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Rishikesh Yoga

7. Communicate With Locals

You can watch how fishermen uses Chinese fishing nets in Kerala. You can roam with Dabbawalas in Mumbai as they deliver food to other people. You can walk along with many yogis in Rishikesh.  You can watch people performing rituals in Varanasi. The list is never ending. No matter which state you choose to stay; mingle with locals and they would show you a unique India.

Communicate With Locals

8. Dissolving Elephant God in Sea

Vinayaka Chathurthi is an important festival in Mumbai. Millions of people march towards the sea on this auspicious day to dissolve their statues of Elephant God of Hindu mythology into the sea after performing all rituals. There are a lot of other unique festivals in India like Holi in North India Region where people throw colour paint at each other, Navarathi festival in West Bengal, bull fight during Pongal in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, and snake boat race during Onam in Kerala and so on.

Dissolving Elephant God in Sea

9. Yak Safari

You can enjoy elephant safaris in some places in Africa too. But, Yak safari is a trademark of Sikkim. These safaris are organized in various parts of the place. The most common route for this safari is from Dzongri towards Tsomgo Lake as you watch the Himalayan Mountains, valleys, glaciers and some unique fauna.

Sikim Yak Safari

10. The Indian Olympics

If you are visiting Raipur, Punjab during February, you ought to enjoy the rural Olympics of India. You can find a lot of local games like bullock cart race, horse race, dog race, tractor race, hockey matches, and horse carriage race and so on. The event goes on for a few weeks and you can enjoy wonderful delicacies and other traditional elements like songs and dances during each day.

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Horse Race in Rural Area

11. Trekking On a Frozen River

You would have seen this activity in many post-apocalyptic movies. How about trying this activity while the world is still safe? In Ladakh, the Zanskar River freezes during winter season. The Chadar trek is an important route that involves walking on the frozen river. It takes 18 days to cover the whole lake as you explore unique Buddhist monasteries, isolated villages, caves and others.

Trekking On a Frozen River

12. Haunted Fort

An entire fort and the small town of Bhangarh are restricted for visiting after sunset. It is because most of people consider this fort as a haunted one. The whole town was abandoned in the 17th century due to some curse. There are a lot of backstories for this haunted town. No visitors are allowed to enter this town before sunrise and after sunset. Do you want to visit such a famous spooky fort and town? You should visit India.

Haunted Fort

There are a lot of other unique experiences in India like spending your whole vacation in a treehouse, ceremony of closing borders between India and Pakistan every evening, Kathakali dance of Kerala, visiting Bollywood, camel safari, motorcycling on the top three highest motorable mountains passes in the world and so on.

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