Ghana Local Transportation & Accommodation for the Visitors

The gateway to Africa, Ghana is the picture that contains all colors of true African culture. Whether you’re looking for idyllic sunny beaches or exotic wildlife, want to explore the ancient African culture or impressed with country’s deep history, lively cities or welcoming locals, Ghana has a lot to proffer. The colonial trading forts stand along the Atlantic coast used as a testament by transatlantic slave trade. Ghana is a true representation of big things that came in small package. This African country is must to explore! Beside above mention things this African jewel is also notorious for its mineral wealth notably gold, manganese, diamond, and bauxite and other. Ghanaians are in love with football and if you’re lucky enough to see Black Stars in action, you can see the real kind of passion they have for football. Thus Ghana is a great place for tourists to explore and to avoid getting lost in the maze of attraction; you may need advice about cheap flights to Ghana and local transportation and accommodation to getting around and staying in the country.

Local Transportation in Ghana

Ghana proffers many travel options within country. The condition of vehicles are horrendous and some drivers are not even licensed. Tourist have to judge own their own by looking at appearance of vehicle and the drive before jumping into it. The major reason of accidents in Ghana is because of poor tires. For all vehicle insurance and registration stickers are displayed on front screen, allow visitors to verify easily. Taxis are widely used mean of transportation in country. Some taxis are in so bad condition that traveling in them is nothing but a punishment while others are comfy with law-abiding drivers and offer air conditioning facility for extra fare. All taxis in Ghana have orange corners. The taxis that passengers flag on the streets are called “dropping” taxis that take you directly to your destination. Some taxis are shared taxis that wait for passengers at various location, they are cheaper than the flagging taxis that is driving by. Ghanaians are very sophisticated so don’t forget to greet them when a taxi stops for you. When he tells you to hop in, always ask “how much” in reply. All taxis are not run on meter and if didn’t negotiate before getting in or be ready to pay twice the rate. because when driver find you’re tourist he automatically assume that you’re rich and charge you double by telling you petrol prices are high or the sad story of tax etc. whatever he ask, offer the half of it and settled somewhere between. If he insists, move on and hail the other one.

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In Ghana, traveling by bus is a good option as they are a good balance of expense, speed, safety and comfort especially when you’re travelling between major cities. Some buses have air conditioning facility. Buses in Ghana will charge you extra money for baggage.

Tro Tro

A minivan that carries 16 to 24 people is locally called as tro tro. You can see tro tro in every road in Ghana, which makes them a valuable connect in the transportation system for smaller town and villages. For many tro tros are dirty, uncomfortable and dangerous but they are incredibly cheap! But for adventurous tourist riding tro tro is an excitement. One can take tro tro from station or even flagging anywhere along the road. Fares of this mode of transportation are very low as they’re set by government.

Private Car

Hiring a private car is another option that tourists can avail in Ghana, where licensed or unlicensed driver offer himself and his car service for hire.  As private cars are not regulates by government so you need to be extra careful before hiring one. It is recommend to check the driver’s license and check whether he has current insurance and registration.

Hurry Cars

Usually are at the transport stations waiting for passengers to fill the seats and then take them to a pre-specified destination indicated by a sign on dashboard. They are bit expensive but also more comfortable compared to shared taxis. Hurry cars do not have orange corners like a taxi.

Accommodation in Ghana


Accommodation in Ghana is quite costly and probably the biggest drain on tourist budget. The top hotels are all located in capital but there are few in the city of Kumasi and Takoradi and some of the major coastal resorts. These are mostly overpriced and usually cater to NGO, government and business travelers. Budget accommodation or local hotels are lack in services, cleanliness, maintenance and amenities. Though they’re lack in services but they are very cheap. It is recommended to enjoy beach camp and B&Bs rather than bona fide hotels, they’re much fun and more attractively priced.

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Bed and Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast is much better option than hotels in Ghana, available at attractive prices in Accra, Kumasi and along the west coast.


There’re not many camping opportunities in Ghana Accra as tourists feel the burden to carry the camping equipment or tents except when they have to spend a lot of time visiting the remote wildlife reserves and national parks. Some of the backpacker-oriented resorts located along the coast also allow camping. In many fishing villages, camping is also available but one must have to get permission from the local authorities. The coastline of Ghana is scattered with lots of unpretentious but enchanting beach camps, endeavoring simple living and sociable feel to backpackers, young travelers and volunteers.

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