Top 10 Theme Parks in Vietnam Cambodia

According to Wikipedia, an amusement park is a park that features various attractions, such as rides and games, as well as other events for entertainment purposes. A theme park is a type of amusement park that bases its structures and attractions around a central theme, often featuring multiple areas with different themes.

Are you looking for a theme park in Vietnam, Cambodia to send time with the members of your family and have a blast? You have come to the right spot. In this article I will list out the ten superbly amazing theme parks in this country for you to visit.

1: Ba Na Hills

Also known as sun worldbana hills this is one of the most loved and desired theme parks in the entire country. It is the perfect tourist attraction and it is designed in a way to entertain entire groups of families. The two most prominent rides or entry inside the park is based on two world famous novels “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and “Twenty Thousand leagues Under the Sea”.

Ba Na Hills Top 10 Theme Parks in Vietnam Cambodia

These two novels were written by French writer Jules Verne. Besides these two there are numerous other amusing rides and activities for travelers to indulge in. it is one of the theme parks not to miss when in the country.

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2: Hoi An Impression theme park

This theme park is spread over 25,000 square meters and is said to be themed like a Hollywood movie set. Now we are talking!!!

In the big area of 25,000 sq. m. various types of shows and dances that represent the culture and growth of the town are displayed and visitors are awestruck by the glamour and beauty of it. It is very popular among tourists as there are not many shows like this in the entire world and the 3,000-seat capacity theme park also offers food, drinks and entertainment you will never forget.

3: Thang Long Water Puppet Show

Just how many theme parks does Cambodia feature?

Well, that’s not the point really. This theme park is one of a kind in every way imaginable. The performers and artists in this theatre present to you water puppetry shows accompanied with music that touches the soul. This theater has its roots grounded back to the 11th century in its art form, now that is way back. So, you can probably imagine by yourself the quality and precision of the performance you get to see.

Thang Long Water Puppet Show Top 10 Theme Parks in Vietnam Cambodia

You will be mesmerized, delighted and you body will get goosebumps as you watch the show. Now we don’t want to miss that.

4: golden dragon water puppet theater

yet another Vietnamese water puppet show that is popular throughout the region. Live puppets can be seen performing shows in the water and it is unlike anything you have seen in the entire world. The way the performers perform with the puppets in the milky colored water is just too much to handle.

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It is truly a piece of art and it is recommended for the lovers of art to go and watch the show.

5: Traditional Han River Dragon Cruise

Han river has its historical importance, this river is the way by which the banks on the river have flourished and on your Han river dragon cruise, you will witness many things that are spectacular and must be viewed such as markets, during night time the bridges are lighted up in beautiful colored lights that make the trip worthwhile.

Traditional Han River Dragon Cruise Top 10 Theme Parks in Vietnam Cambodia

6: Safari Phu Quoc

Another top theme park in Cambodia, Vietnam would be the Safari Phu Quoc. This theme park has also been termed as the Phuket of Vietnam by many travelers due to its similar characteristics. The reason this park is popular is that it has a wide variety of animals to display to travelers.

Animals such as Gazelles, Rhinocerous, Tigers and many other beautiful animals are present in the park.

7: Sun World Halong Theme Park

The tourist attraction in northern Vietnam that attracts the most attention is this theme park. This park is constructed by Sun Group on a continental level as a megaproject. Featuring exclusive and innovative parks. It is the largest and the best recreational park in the entire country. The park is full of attractions and a person can spend a whole day on this park trying out all the activities.

8: Vinpearl Land Amusement Park

Visit this theme park in Vietnam that has tons of attractions inside it to keep you occupied and to help you mingle with friends and families. Vinpearl theme park features a grand view of the sea near it and is mostly filled with fun seekers. The types of rides in this park are unlike anything I have seen before and you may not want to leave this place which is also filled with train rollercoaster with a rocky mountain theme.

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9: Asia Park

this is another park in Vietnam that will fill your day with wonder and excitement. Tons of attractions are available in the park suck as Garuda valley which is kind of like a roller coaster ride and any thing imaginable is available in this park. There is food and drinks available and it is a paradise for kids.

10: 100 Egg Theme Park

This is probably one of the rarest types of theme park in the entire world which offers as of cr nice place to take photos with lot of creative egg decorations. And the mud bathing that takes place in the park is the main attraction as mud helps the bods cool and many consider it cleans the body naturally.

So, the above mentioned 10 parks are the top parks of Vietnam and you can visit them by doing further research on them but be careful on Vietnam water park as you might have heard about Vietnam water park incident and what else, it’s a free world go and visit the parks now and have the time of your live with loved ones on your Vietnam Cambodia tour packages.

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