Top 5 eco-resorts of India

India has always been a hotspot of tourism with its fundamental essence of naturistic features attracting people from all over the world. At the same time, there is a persuading need to cut down and reduce carbon footprints, and the tourism sector must contribute to it. The eco-resorts are a great support in matters of conservation, and cultural sensitivity and, at the same time, keeps up their style. These are built, almost from recycled construction materials, and use low energy consuming appliances, solar and water systems, and cleanly laid sewage treatment plants.

Local staff is hired to benefit the natives directly and immediately surrounding communities. The below mentioned are the best, luxurious eco-resorts of India that are highly popular and sought after.

1. Vythiri Village

Vythiri Village exposes one to the breathtaking beauty of the waterfalls, chattering sound of the birds, the majesty of the splendid Chembra peak, and an array of spices and much more! An individual can delight this every second as soon as one steps in Vythiri Village.

Located beautifully in twenty-four acres of greenish forests that are spotted with vegetable gardens, the Vythiri Village is one of the best and unmatchable treehouse resorts, found in India. Located in Wayanad at an altitude of 2600 feet, the resort is best in accommodation and offers activities like archery, trekking, etc.

Vythiri Village

2. Spice Village

Just found in a few feet from the Periyar Tiger Reserve, the eco-resort Spice Village sprawls over an area of fourteen acres that is pesticide-free. Also, the rooms have an elephant grass made the thatched roof, mesmerizing gardens, earth yards, rare herbs, and a melange of flowering plants. Bird watching, enjoying tasty food that is purely made of organic vegetables, fishing, cart ride, visiting fruit orchards are all a part of one’s stay at Spice Village. Working in close communion with the local tribal community, the resort tries to be incredibly eco-sensitive in each of its activities, like having solar panels, vermicompost for waste disposal, etc.

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Spice Village Periyar

3. Coconut lagoon

Found in the water locks of the great Vembanad Lake, is a tiled roof bungalow – Coconut Lagoon resort believed to be four hundred years old. In tribute and dedication to the environment that supports, sustains, and thrives us all, Coconut Lagoon resort has its sacred grove as a part of the property. The grove is a piece of peaceful and pristine ‘forest’ that is solely dedicated to nature that keeps with it – an honoured tradition. Canoeing, Kalari, birdwatching, and coconut husking can be great activities to pass one’s time.

Coconut Lagoon Vembanad

4. Mountain Trail

Seemingly the only eco-resort in Mukteshwar, Uttarakhand, Mountain Trail beautifully sprawls over an area of two and a half acres and found at an altitude of 2300 meters. Witnessing orchards with ample varieties of fruit trees, and flower beds with myriads of types of flowers, inside the resort, is soothing. Cultural tourism of the locality is used to preserve and conserve the biodiversity of the area. Thus, local traditions take the limelight to create employment opportunities for locals.

5. The Blackbuck resort

Situated in Gujarat, the Blackbuck eco-resort is stylish with fourteen different villas, made of entirely eco-friendly materials. All the villas have a window that directly allows the guests to view the majestic birds like eagles, falcons, and vultures that soar high.  The items left unused in the hotel like the plastic bags are sent to the city for the process of recycling, and the given meals in the restaurant are made exclusively from the freshly handpicked vegetables grown inside the resort. An ideal destination for people loving discerning traveling, it is absolutely eco friendly!

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Closing note

Every activity of humans- be it personal or business must keep in one’s mind – the environmental sensitivity. These resorts do it combining innovation, style, and grace with it, making them top eco-resorts! Want to bask in the glory of nature, visit them today!

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