Travel Guide to Langza Village, Spiti Valley

Spiti Valley is one of the best place in India which is quite famous for its beautiful places and sights. There are several places which is considerably popular for tourism. If you are a adventure and nature lover then you should plan Kanpur to Lahaul Spiti package. Langza Village is also a famous place in Spiti Valley. It is a small and remote village in Spiti and nice place for tourism. The best thing to do at Langza is to live and experience the ancient cultures. The company of its people and camping under a starry night. There are a lot of things which you can do.

The Langza Buddha Statue

Langza is a great place to enjoy the views of mountains around the village.When you reach Langza from Kaza. You start seeing a humongous golden colored statue of Buddha. This is one of the best thing which you had never seen before. You can explore such a calm and beautiful environment. This statue seems like, It is watching over the world. It is really very huge statue which may left a beautiful mark on your memory. It is preferable place where you should visit with your friends. It may give you an wonderful memories.

The Lang or Langza Gompa

This village is also famous for its ancient village temple which is a seat of great significance for locals. It seems like a spiritual nerve center of the valley. There is a popular Gompa which is also known as Langza Gompa or Lang Gompa. It is also known for its historical murals and architectures. Its historical views make it a quite famous for tourism. You can make some amazing moments for you and your nearest. A divine place always gives a positive thoughts which may improves you not only externally as well as internally. It is a quite preferable place where you should visit to make some unforgettable moments.

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Langza Village Fossil Hunting

Langa village is treasure for the archaeology researchers. There are several location in Pin valley and Spiti valley where you can find a rich collections of marine fossil. Among these places, This village is also one where you can discover these fossils easily There are ammonites are spiral shaped fossils which are belong to the late Jurassic era. There is a Chaudua (Local name for Fossils) center in the village. There is a little chances when you may see little kids or local shops selling these fossils to you for anything, That is the reason that’s why, Langza is known as the fossils village of Spiti valley. Tourists are more than glad to take fossils to home as souvenirs. Locals and tourists must understand the importance of these fossils within the area. They are not just archaeologically significant but are also a heritage. Taking them away might lead to destroying a key link in the geological history of our subcontinent. Instead of taking real fossils,You should take the mud replicas of fossils which are made by locals or take home zoma pots as souvenirs. This may be a wonderful art or craft for you.

Walks or Camping near Farms

This village one of the best place for camping. Fields of this village make this place a great part of this village. An astoundingly green look rather than brown and white cold desert. This landscapes are mystical and beautiful which looks like it creates an illusion for everyone. In the historical time, When the weather was harsher and connective to the world almost zero, The only crop is grown by the villagers here was potato. In present, There are many farming tools, and warming climate that’s why, here crops are grown such as barley and sweet peas along with potatoes. agriculture is the main occupation of Langza village. People depend for their livelihood on it. It is a source for their food as well as their income. Tourism is also developing the region and their income as well. If you are a lover of nature and adventure then you should visit this place which is very preferable for camping.

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Night Photography at Langza

This village is a paradise for photographers. You can click the most beautiful pictures here. Every part of Langza is a worth to capture in the camera. This is a quite different than other in lower Himalayas. If you want to click some amazing moments then night is the best time when you can snap some amazing pictures. When you can see the great milky way with naked eyes make a wonderful and unforgettable moment for everyone. A giant moon and millions of stars against the clearest of the sky what is make your pictures a little special. When you capture these pictures, You may feel like you had taken some heaven shots.

Chau Chau Kang Nilda Peak

Langza Village is under the shadow of a snow covered peak which is known as Chau Chau Kang Nilda. It is the tallest peak in the region. View of this peak from Langza is Beautiful and majestic. If you want to climb on the peak then you would need a professional guides with proper gears and prior experience of mountaineering. It may give you an experience of challenge.

Snow Leopard Spotting in Langza

Langza and its near by areas are home to the snow leopard. Many tourist stay at Langza during winter time to see wonderful animals of Spiti valley. For the Adventure seeker, This place is perfect place to see big cat in a landscape covered with snow. This village is quite famous for this Snow Leopard. You should visit this wonderful village to get a chance to see this animal.

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