16 Fun Date and Travel Ideas for People in Their 40s

Dating scene has dramatically changed over the past decades. Modern dating can be easy yet tricky. Even if you’re single in your 40s, you can still date and find your perfect match. People in their 40s are wiser and know what they want. They are less impulsive and much better now to connect with other human beings.

Some says that it’s difficult to have an enjoyable date in your 40s but they are wrong. There are so many ways to enjoy time with another person. Below are some fun dating ideas perfect for people in their 40s:

Watch a live music or concert

For music lovers, a concert or live music is a great way to be comfortable with each other. It reconnects to the feeling of how exciting a live music can be during your teenage years. Check some upcoming concerts or music festival and get tickets. Your date will surely appreciate this.

Learn to dance

Invite your date in a dance class if both of you are interested with this activity. At 40s, learning new things with someone you like is fun and inspiring. A dance night is great way to bond for couples who love dancing. There are so many choices – salsa night, boogie night, and more.

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Attend a sports event

Whether you’re on the same team or not, it’s fun to watch your favourite game. It’s a good choice if both of you are avoiding awkward first-date silence behaviour. Sports games to watch are endless. There are football, basketball, volleyball, and more.

Go on a hike

This is a good way to maintain an active lifestyle and at the same time, know each other. Maybe your date will be impressed with your survival skills and learn more about this cool activity.

Check out each other’s photo album

This is an old school but fun way to know your date. You can stay at home and spend time digging through old photos of camping, night swimming, and other childhood memories.

Watch movies

A movie night is a perfect choice for couples who don’t want to miss anything pop culture and at the same time cool and chill activity. There are two options: go to a theatre and dress up especially for a first date and second is hit the couch of your home and pick a movie to watch. You don’t need to rent a DVD these days – just few clicks away from your Netflix. Don’t forget to have some pizza or pop corn!

Take that sunset cruise

This sounds like one of those luxurious romantic getaways from movies but it can be done in real life. Take a cruise and have dinner. You can have a great food choices, cool breeze, beautiful, and breath taking sunset. Romantic, right?

Visit the museum and other art places

Museums and art galleries are perfect place to help couples to know each other. Both of the couples will have a glimpse of the other person’s insights and taste. It’s a good place away from the noise of bar and nightclubs. There are so many good things to see in both museums and art galleries and couples will have so many things to talk about.

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Enroll in yoga class

If you’re into healthy living and maintaining an active lifestyle, invite your date to enroll in a yoga class together. Yoga helps to reduce stress and promotes feelings of well-being. It also aids in increasing your relationship quality and boost the sex life.

Cook a dish together

You don’t need to be a chef to have a good time in the kitchen and cooking your meal together. The fun part of this kind of date is the trial and error for cooking the dish you both want to try. There will lots of laughter in the kitchen, making it an enjoyable date.

Listen to some catchy tunes at a jazz club

Inviting your date at a jazz club means you’re artistic, sophisticated, and knows what exactly you want in life. Moreover, jazz music is quiet enough for dating couples who want to talk and get to know their date while enjoying a soulful night.

Be a volunteer

If you want to more about the social aspect of your date, invite them to do a volunteer. You can do your date night at a homeless shelter or soup kitchen. It’s giving back to the community and at the same time, helping the needy. It will be an unforgettable night for both of you.

Hit the karaoke bar

Both of you can spend an evening singing your heart out to your favorite songs. It’s more fun if you have a playlist of duets.

Go on a bike ride

If the weather is good, you can invite your date for a bike ride in a nearby park or trail. This activity is perfect for introverts as it doesn’t require so much small talk all throughout the date. After the activity, you can grab something to drink afterward to cool down.

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Spa date

A lot of spas are offering couple’s massage and weekend getaway. Both of you can enjoy pampering with awesome massages, swimming in private pool, and relaxing at the bar.

Make it a double date

Usually, first dates make people nervous and awkward. This is especially true with people over 40s because they feel that time is running out to find their perfect match. One great way to avoid awkwardness is by setting a double date. You can get to know your potential new match with some help of the other two familiar faces. You can ask your friends in a relationship to help out.

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